Cafe Rokhat Replaces Aladdin On Sheepshead Bay Road


It’s another restaurant switcheroo at 1788 Sheepshead Bay Road, with Cafe Rokhat opening up last week on the site of two previous kebab joints.

The business replaces Aladdin Restaurant, which opened in December 2011, but ended up shutting down when Superstorm Sandy came through. The business that preceded it, Garden Bay Cafe, had a much longer run in the location, but similarly ended in tragedy when a fire ravaged the building.

We stopped in to check out the menu, only to learn that there wasn’t a single English letter on it. A waiter informed us it would serve dishes from Tajikistan, a central Asian nation that borders Uzbekistan. They also serve “some French stuff,” the waiter said.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Cafe Rokhat.


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  2. I just dined at this place last night, and it was wonderful. They do have an English version of the menu, no worries. I’m not sure what the differences are between Tajik and Uzbek cuisine, but I hope to learn.

  3. John C from Florida on

    Wonderful restaurant with incredible food and excellent service. I picked up a menu to find only Cyrillic characters, but then found the menu below it was English…thank goodness. The meal I enjoyed was pure Tajik/Uzbek but the dessert menu was more diverse with French and Turkish items. The atmosphere was Tajik. The hospitality was welcoming beyond anything I’ve experienced. These hideaway restaurant jewels always offer the best surprises. We tourists hear about being able to find the best food from any corner of the planet in New York City. This restaurant proves it true.

  4. Michael Jones on

    Oh wow such a big discriminations going on here!!!?? I especially visited them myself after so much of continuous arguments. It was a lovely place to be. And why are we bothered with such a small confusion of not speaking English? They had their menus in english as i read it. I don’t think there should be any compromise about having history of a culture to have their food be judged by where it is from. U.S is place where people from all around the world join together and make one nation. Lots of respects for that. and As I know and you know guys brooklyn is a little Russian town so no any English person will ever be lost there. They don’t just have uzbek stuff they serve French also which means they are international! There is one more prove for this little place to be called satisfaction of joy. And I want to thank you for having them welcomed to your neighborhood. God be with you guys!!! Lots of luck and have fun working there (:

  5. You certainly do not “do” the best English grammar. Every sentence is incorrect.

  6. Great place. Any language you speak you will enjoy their great food and service. Don’t criticize. just go and check them out for yourself,

  7. I’m the manager of this Cafe Rokhat. What ever its says on post page it’s fake. We do have a menu in English and we do serve French meal. We do make a delivery and online delivery to. Our chief have a big experience in French and Tajik kitchen.
    1788 sheepshead bay road Cafe Rokhat you welcome.
    And Also we do the best service

  8. NO english = NO business. in case they missed the sign at the border – this is the U.S. of effin A. – i give them 6 months at most.

    where is teddy roosevelt when you need him?

  9. if you knew some history, specifically events in Uzbekistan in the 20th century, you would know why uzbeki kitchens that are not 100% traditional, have some french influence, or at least some “french-inspired” manu items present.

  10. Non-English menus without a translation annoy me to no end. It’s like saying if you can’t speak the language, we don’t want your business.