After 38 Years, Abe’s Frame Shoppe In Search Of A New Home


After 38 years in the same location, Abe’s Frame Shoppe is leaving its 2606 East 16th Street location for new digs.

Erica Sherman spotted the hand-written note on the sign the other day and snapped the above photo. The note said the business has moved and offers up a telephone number but not an address.

We called the number to find out the new address, but were greeted by an answering machine informing us that all work is temporarily being done in a new location that’s not open to the public, and that they’re looking for a new storefront from which to serve customers. They’re keeping the (718) 648-9090 number.

The building itself, on the corner of Avenue Z, is now entirely vacant. It used to house the Sheepshead Bay Gourmet Market, Learning Wheel and others, but,¬†one by one, each business vanished. The landlord, Waldorf Realty Co., is renovating the property, and told us back in 2010 that they were not renewing some of the business’ leases so that they could market the property as one large space.

  • JR

    they should do a mall like setup, the building owner that is

  • bk

    anyone see the huge amount of rats in the garbage area of that place. SCARY!

  • guest

    Sure the landlord is extremely happy now. He got rid of everyone. Way to kick out small business for overpriced condos and officespace..

    • Because every part of the city needs to have its Manhattan section.

  • Old Sheepshead Hand

    When I was a young teenager, I went into this shop once to ask a framing question. He yelled at me to get out. He assumed I just walked in to cause trouble because I was a teenager. It was the mid-90’s so maybe that was why. But I still held it against him. So…yeah.

  • Anonymous

    I had a similar experience as the first comment: I had just bought a lithograph. I had never gotten anything framed before and I wanted to know how to proceed. When I asked for his attention, he looked at me and then ignored me completely. I left. I ended up going someplace else and I was really happy. This happened a couple of years ago.

  • I don’t understand how these owners throw businesses out, then have vacant property for years. I don’t get the business logic.

  • Pizdagriz

    The owner of the building should do whatever is best for him.

    • Emmons Owl

      I pity the fool!

  • Emmons Owl

    Abe framed several pictures and paintings for me over the past few years. He did a great job on all of them at reasonable prices. His assistant was very helpful as well.

    Best of luck to you both, I hope you find a new location.

  • tbm

    he is now at 2609 East 14th st – at this location on Wed 12-5 & Sat 11-3 – behind CVS

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