Sheepshead Bay’s New Congresswoman Yvette Clarke Sworn In Today


The 9th District (in red). Source:

Rep. Yvette Clarke. Click to enlarge. Source: Wikipedia

Yvette Clarke, Sheepshead Bay’s newest representative in the House of Representatives, is getting unofficially sworn in at the Federal Courthouse in downtown Brooklyn today in a community-based ceremony with other public officials.

Clarke represents the 9th Congressional District (formerly the 11th District), which, because of redistricting, is swallowing up a portion of the former 9th District, most recently occupied by Bob Turner, and Anthony Weiner before him.

Clarke’s district is incredibly diverse, both culturally and economically. The 9th District encompasses neighborhoods from Sheepshead Bay, Gerritsen Beach and Midwood all the way up to Park Slope, Crown Heights and Brownsville.

A graduate of Edward R. Murrow High School, Clarke got her political start on Brooklyn’s 40th Council District, taking over her mother Una’s seat in 2001.

Clarke is a vocal advocate for women’s rights and environmental initiatives.

More recently, she made waves after an interview she participated in on The Colbert Report. During her sit-down with Stephen Colbert, Clarke inaccurately suggested that, in 1898, the Dutch were still in control of Brooklyn and that they enforced slavery a good 33 years after the practice was outlawed in the United States.


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  • Konstantin

    time to move out of sheepshead bay.

    • levp

      Because you don’t like someone? People who live in glass houses should be careful with stones, Konstantin.

    • LaQuan Jackson

      Yes, it’s full of filthy drunken Russian guidos, who are all rac!sts like you.

    • levp

      See? Only took 15 minutes for me to be proven right…

    • Liberty Lover

      She doesn’t even seem qualified to hold a position in Congress. Not that it matters at this point anyway.

      • levp

        A bit harsh, no? Why doesn’t she qualify?

        • liberty lover

          Well she was a city councilwoman for five years, and suddenly jumped to congress. Her activities in Congress reflect the type of social elements, which populate the city en mass.

          • levp

            What legislative experience did her predesessor have, prior to his election as U. S. Representative?
            What would be your requirements for Congressional candidates?

  • I guess she didn’t take a local history course at Murrow when she went there.

    • levp

      Well, there are no perfect people: either weak history, or underwear pictures. Apparently, underwear bothers U.S. electorate the most.

      • It’s so unfortunate that on the high school level local history is a elective course.

        Here is the interesting aspect. Slavery in the state of New York was phased out by 1828. It would have happened sooner but the Dutch farmers saw nothing wrong with the practice and still held considerable political clout in the early 1800s.

        The Dutch saw slaves as having the status of family members. Keep in mind that this was at a time when women were discouraged from having an opinion.

        Had she taken that course she would had been able to discuss the Dutch attitudes with more precise information. And perhaps it would have been a more interesting interview.

        In a time when one’s privacy rights are disappearing the population had best get used to seeing underwear. Even elected officials in underwear.

        • How about womens’ suffrage. I mean, I don’t like women suffering at all. DOWN WITH WOMENS’ SUFFRAGE!

  • MS

    Not good. Not good at all.

    • levp

      So, going to join Konstantin?

  • CitizenOnU

    She should take a walk on AVENUE U, especially where Walgreens used to be and see how the new Asian supermarket is killing the street. Right off the corner of E.18th St and Ave U. They continually, on a daily basis over extend their limit of 3 feet allowed for their outdoor counters. They take up half the sidewalk, just with flower displays. They practically block the bus shelter with their palettes. They get deliveries at all hours on Ave.U an you can barely pass by. They have a forklift parked right off Ave.U on E.l8thSt.parked on the sidewalk and they drive the forklift on the sidewalk. People passing by are always complaining about this, yet no one seems to do anything about it. None of the people working in the store speak or seem to
    understand English and that is a disgrace.


  • The level of education these days is shocking. I don’t know how the country can continue down the road this way, while other nations are improving the education of their children. Don’t judge this congresswoman so harshly, it could have been just one mistake, or else she is just an indication of education in the US today.

  • max smart

    Used to be that you had to be a movie actor first before becoming a politican

  • harrietb98

    Why is there so much hostility towards her?

  • Lew from Brooklyn

    I will tell you why I did not vote for Yvette Clarke…and do so without personal characterizations that I could readily make from having served in the Council with her.

    The woman is deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to the Middle East and Israel.

    On the Council, she joined with Charles Barron in co-sponsoring a resolution that called for “an even handed” resolution in the Middle East. From the sponsor alone, it should be clear that this resolution was harshly anti-Israel, and utterly ignored the difference between people who strap bombs to their bodies and walk into crowded rooms of innocents and those who defend themselves from such.

    In Congress, she was one of a scant handful of Congress members who voted AGAINST a resolution denouncing and repudiating the Goldstone Report on the Israeli conflict, a report that was so one sided and inaccurate that even Goldstone himself came to repudiate it. This from a woman who purports to represent a constituency with a strong pro-Israel bent.

    I have it on good authority that then Congressman Anthony Weiner discussed the Goldstone vote with her for 45 minutes before she cast it and was convinced that she “now” understood the facts and would do the right thing.

    So, notwithstanding the embarrassment of having a Congresswoman who went on national TV and said that the Dutch ran NYC in 1898 and that we still had slavery here at that time, there are plenty of good reasons to feel animus towards her.

    I knew she would defeat the Republican running against her….just wanted her to feel some heat. Maybe next time she gets a well-deserved Primary.

    Lew from Brooklyn

    • So I’ve got to ask…

      Did you vote for Cavanagh, the Republican, or Morgan, of the Green Party?


      • Lew from Brooklyn

        Cavanaugh, but only because it was the more effective protest vote.