The Shipping Store Opens On East 14th Street, South Of Sheepshead Bay Road


It’s nice seeing new businesses open up in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, so we were excited to see that one spot on a flooded street opened up just a week or so after the waters receded.

The Shipping Store, at 2609 East 14th Street, is now open, filling the parcel vacuum left by the closure of UPS Store on Sheepshead Bay Road in September.

The store is in a newly-created storefront carved out of the building that also houses CVS and Alfa Vision Center, and apparently also allows parking in the CVS lot. The business was nearly all set up when Sandy swept through, flooding East 14th Street with three feet of water, but only a few inches of water got in, we’re told. It recovered quickly, and celebrated its opening shortly afterwards.


  1. jerry ran that store. he was helpful to me for a year while i had moved to sheepshead bay.

  2. I went into this new Shipping Store on Thursday and could not have had a more pleasant experience. Jerry was delightful. We talked baseball, the neighborhood, politics, and he was kind enough to let me leave my packages in his care while I ran to CVS around the corner to go buy a few greeting cards. He eliminated all the hassle and frustration of shipping stuff for me, and I look forward to going back there in the future. Support local businesses, peeps!

  3. I have been to all the stores in the area including stores on Avenue U and Brighton Beach. So far, the closed UPS Store on Sheepshead Bay Road was the best choice Glad to know the guy is back

  4. Oren Why would you care to follow up this blog and even reply to a post Or you hate the owner so much?

  5. All I know is that when the russian kid left the store when to shit and they had to close. He made the store. He should be the owner.

  6. The worst customer service. I always waited for extensive amount of time. They work slow motion On top of that I went to ups one time in bay ridge and shipped the same exact thing to the same exact place for 10 dollars less. They also didnt charge me for using a little bit of tape and made me buy a whole roll

  7. I had a rather unpleasant experience in the old UPS office. Indifferent service, borderline rude attitude.Just to give it a chance I returned couple times more, did not like any better. After that I always looked for an alternative to send stuff or have an official picture taken. Hopefully at this new establishment thing will be different.

  8. I’m wondering who is that moron who wrote such things about Jerry? I know this guy for years from UPS store. The service he provides is outstanding! I don’t understand why moderators allow Anonymous idiots write such a BS about people they know for a long long time!

  9. I guess after reading all the comments this is the place to go. They have great customer service and scare the competition.

  10. For sure I am going to this store to ship my packages. I am really wondering who is that famous individual that allowed his own employees sexually harass his customers and did nothing about it. I want to see this monster WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  11. Cheapest and most reliable shipping service I have ever been to. Deffinetly going there again.

  12. Anonymous, Your allegations are very serious and you should have made every effort report these allegations to police. If the owner did nothing to stop it, then he is an acomplice. Is the owner on the sex offender’s list yet?

  13. A WAY extreme accusation, and unlikely. Used him for 5+ years and saw nothing but friendly, talkative workers (male and female) who knew their regulars well. He, too, very friendly. Sounds like sour grapes… or something more.

  14. I have been to that store hudreds of times and you are just full of BS. Like someone said you must be a scared competitor!

  15. ” I found his services to be more expensive than any other location, including the post office” – How do you think he makes money, you doofus?

  16. This guy allowed his workers to sexually harass customers and did nothing about it. I found his services to be more expensive than any other location, including the post office, and overall, I found his customer service in terms of handling the shipping process, to be really bad.

    I would much rather wait on line in the post office than to deal with this guy.

  17. I think the UPS store provided good service. Certainly when compared to the mutants at the postal service this store was like the Plaza Hotel.

  18. I am just curious to know what this guy did to be nominated the worst shipping store ever. Was he beating customers up and held them hostage? I have been shipping with this guy for almost 7 years since I moved to Sheepshead. Never had any issues Only good experience

  19. Got to say… I have never had less than a positive experience with this gentleman. Every customer obviously has a different experience, but I– for one– am glad to have such a business back in the immediate neighborhood… especially when so many of our storefronts remain empty from even long before Sandy. Best of luck, Shipping Store.

  20. I already shipped to Russia from a new store few days ago. They use DHL for international shipping Seems to be 35-40% cheaper than Fedex or UPS..but definitely more expensive than our lovely Postal Service

  21. Is this run by the same owner as UPS store that closed on Sheepshead Rd? cause then I know to stay away. Worst shipping store ever!