Morning Mug: “Rising Up In V Park”


I wasn’t 100 percent sure what was meant by the description sent along with the photo (used as the headline, in quotes), and then I realized the photographer must have meant the sun was rising over the park on Avenue V, and not that there was an uprising in V for Victory Park.

Sometimes I have to read things a few times before they fully absorb.

Photo by Joseph Lou

  • bagels

    Nice photo!

  • Maxwell Smart

    It’s confusing since the sun doesn’t rise but we’re rotating towards …I know you know but its a falsehood that perpetuates the lack of progress on this planet

    • bagels

      Pardon me while I get my shoe phone…..

    • According to Einstein, one can justifiably consider the sun as rising, as long as the earth rotates at a constant rate…..(relative motion)
      Would you believe Newton?
      How about Clyde Crashcup? (Obscure cartoon from my childhood)