Morning Mug: “Pearls”


The second photo from a three-photo series the photographer calls “Sodium Vapor, Foggy Night.” He describes it as a “semi-abstract series celebrating the color and texture of sodium vapor street lamps in urban fog.” This image, he explains, was shot facing Sheepshead Bay Road by the new condos.


Photo by Tinx Chan


  1. But who could guess the location other than the photographer? I think it would have been a safe bet that there would have not been any winners.

  2. “Lifetime of free”, I know people that would put him in the poor house the first week.

  3. Why’d you tell us? Anyone familiar with the area could have easily told us where it was shot. Yeah right. Or you could have had a contest. anyone who guesses correctly would have been treated to a lifetime of free beers by Ned.