Delmar Pizzeria Plans To Open By March


Delmar Pizza & Italian Eatery at 1668 Sheepshead Bay Road hung up a temporary “opening soon” banner this week. So please – please, please, please, please, please – stop e-mailing, calling, texting, Facebooking and Tweeting me about whether or not they’ll open. They’re opening. Soon.

Just how soon? When we stopped by this morning, the owners there – who’ve been paying for repairs out-of-pocket because of delays in government loans – said they’re confident they’ll be tossing dough before March.

Don’t expect the same ol’ Delmar, though. Yes, it’ll have the classic, scrumptious pizza we all know and love. But they’re altering the floor layout and adding a salad bar. Oh, and all the memorabilia hanging on the walls? It all survived Sandy.

See you soon, chicken parm on a roll. I promise.


  1. Delmar is the best pizza….you go Ralph and delmar fam. Been going since I was little. Will always go. Can’t wait to o when they finally reopen

  2. Mine is in solid lamination. I wonder if there is a way to copy it. I don’t think I would want to sell mine. Contact me if you think there’s a way to copy it if you’re interested. The company that made it is long gone, I believe.

  3. Thats Treasure! even in blurred format.
    I wonder if there is an original on sale anywhere.

  4. darned tootin’, you’re right. I think it’s the best pizza around right now. One might say L&B squares, but the two are so different there should be different categories.
    Delmar pizza! My treat!

  5. That map that they had of sheepshead bay was my favorite. Hopefully that survived. I think they ought to enlarge that image and hang it. I spent oh so many hours studying it, for oh so many years while waiting for the slice.

  6. I was worried about the pizza clock with the pepperoni pieces that marked the hours. Glad to hear that survived, LOL.

  7. Old Sheepshead Hand on

    Is the classic signage coming back?

    Best pizza in the neighborhood. A candidate for best in borough, best in city.