BREAKING: Fire Spurs Evacuation Of Sheepshead Bay Road Businesses


Thick clouds of black smoke billowed through a Sheepshead Bay Road building this afternoon, forcing the evacuation of Dynasty Sports (1612 Sheepshead Bay Road) and Forces of Nature (1614 Sheepshead Bay Road).

Firefighters rushed to the scene following a 4:00 p.m. call that Dynasty Sports was filling with smoke.

According to the employee who made the call, she and her colleagues were cleaning the store when they began to notice a strong stench coming from the back room.

“It seemed like nothing, but when they opened the door there was a big fire in there,” the employee said.

The room was used as storage, and was filled to the ceiling with garbage bags of shoes and other products, employees said.

“There was a wire, I don’t know, I guess it was a little broken, and it was touching the garbage bags and it started to burn, I guess,” said the 911 caller.

The smoke filled the storefront, then spread to a handful of apartments on the building’s upper levels and to Forces of Nature next door, forcing an evacuation. As firefighters wrapped up their response, residents of the upper floor gathered items to spend the night elsewhere.

Firefighters on the scene did not say what caused the fire, but noted that no one was hurt.

Sheepshead Bay Road south of Jerome Avenue, and part of Jerome Avenue itself, was closed to traffic for nearly an hour as part of the response.

Firetrucks blocked Sheepshead Bay Road to traffic, between East 17th Street and Voorhies Avenue.

Residents of the apartments above the store packed bags and left the scene for the night.


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  • gene

    sounds fishy…

    • Ann

      Maybe they had rapid repairs involved in something…heard some bad things about some of their work.

    • nolastname

      If it was a wire the F.D. will know. They would also know if it was a cigarette butt.

    • That IS the natural reaction. However, I remember when Tatiana’s burned down, and everyone assumed the owner would take the money and run. Instead he rebuilt in record time!

    • cabbie

      maybe that dickweed who owns forces of nature started it. anybody else out there have any interactions with him at the other location that closed? he’s a rude mf’er!

      • Ann

        My husband goes there all the time, no problems at all.

  • ES

    An interesting footnote: This is not the first time this location was affected by a fire. Sometime in, I believe, the early-mid eighties, Clements — the restaurant that preceded New Clements — was engulfed in flames and re-opened several months later (it seemed like forever, so maybe more than a year later) as New Clements. I was so bummed to seem New Clements go a couple of years back. Best greasy spoon ever.

    • I enjoyed Clements too. Looking back, I should have gone there more, I miss the place.

  • ShadowLock

    Wasn’t that the place that was pumping water out everyday since Sandy happened? Then had crazy sales on what they called New footwear? Yea….. Fishy this sounds.

  • NI51965

    Could be business wasn’t so good,since Sandy?

  • cabbie

    “There was a wire, I don’t know, I guess it was a little broken, and it was touching the garbage bags and it started to burn, I guess,” said the 911 caller.

    “a little broken” – that’s like a little pregnant!