Murrow Honors World’s AIDS Day By Rolling Out International AIDS Quilts


Source: Lisa Willner

In commemoration of World AIDS Day, which is held every December 1, Edward R. Murrow High School is displaying international AIDS Quilts all week to students.

The displaying of the quilts has become something of a tradition at Murrow, having now entered their 19th consecutive year of display. Three of the quilts are of the international variety, coming from the Dominican Republic, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz gave a speech to students on Monday, stressing the importance of preventing HIV infection through education. Other guest speakers came on behalf of the Gibb Mansion and the Lutheran Family Health Centers, commemorating those who have passed while providing valuable facts to students about the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The event, otherwise known as the AIDS Project Foundation, is hosted by the H.E.A.R.T. Club and Global Quilts. Students are scheduled to view the quilts through their health and physical education classes.

Souce: Lisa Willner


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  2. This could be one of the international quilts, but these are made by children, and even if they are in public schools they can have a faith and an opinion. Someone referring to religion or expression religious views doesn’t make the school religious..

  3. “Choose life” and crosses? When did Murrow stop accepting public education funds and become a religious school?

  4. Your a gutless pig who won’t even sign his/her name to such a shameful comment. I was a student at Murrow over 10 years ago and the week the Quilt was in the school was always very educational and inspirational. Glad to see the Murrow is continuing this important program.