Morning Mug: “Coney Island Wingspan”


This very pleasing photograph reminds me of one of my favorite country songs, by the late great Ferlin Husky. It’s more a country-gospel tune, actually. Watch the video and enjoy the sounds of a kinder, simpler world.

Photo by LiLy Diamond


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  • nolastname

    Nice shot Lily. Don’t cha’ hate it when the tip of a wing is clipped? I must have a dozen like that. Seagulls are such hams. LOL

    • blueghost09

      There is something known as “occult balance” in art terms. It works with shots like these with creatures of such motion. Don’t ya think??? –LiLy

  • bagels

    Fantastic photo!!

  • nolastname

    Lily this is what i am talking about. It Just kills me.