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  • Georgia

    This is an awsome picture thank you

  • nolastname

    Nice capture. It troubles my mind trying to figure out where that rope/line goes to. It is on the ship and not the bird, Yes?

  • bagels

    Very nice.

  • BirdsINFlight

    where are the seagulls? every morning, before Sandy hit, I would wake up just before the sun rose and sit by a window and listen to the gulls and imagine they were telling each other where the best breakfast could be found and what the coming day had in store… watching the sky lighten while listening to its peaceful soundtrack of local birds was always the best part of the day, for me BUT since Sandy I have not heard the birds… have not seen them making lazy circles overhead… where are they?

    • nolastname

      I don’t know where you are but when I go to S.B. early in the morning I see plenty.