Morning Mug: A Bird In The Air Is Worth Two In The Bay


OK, two… plus a third one at the bottom that’s kind of cut off… and then a whole bunch all the way off in the distance. So, that headline doesn’t actually work.

Can anyone else do better?

Photo by Boris Shekhman

  • nolastname

    I won’t play with the headline but that gull looks like it had one too many and took a short walk off a long railing.
    Little drunkie!

    • levp

      Maybe its in the water…

      • I knew fluoride was a Commie plot, come clean!

        • levp

          My plot is better (stronger?) than fluoride, and I would’ve succeeded if not for you pesky kids and your dog (bird?)

  • Bk2Bklyn

    Left of Center…

    • levp

      “Left of Center” – my kind of bird!

      • nolastname

        What are you guys talking about? Did you go to the local yocal bar with the gull? And where’s mine?

        • levp

          I actually don’t know what @Bk2Bklyn had in mind, but I guess “left of center” is my “trigger” phrase…