Morning Mug: A Bird In The Air Is Worth Two In The Bay


OK, two… plus a third one at the bottom that’s kind of cut off… and then a whole bunch all the way off in the distance. So, that headline doesn’t actually work.

Can anyone else do better?

Photo by Boris Shekhman


  1. I actually don’t know what @Bk2Bklyn had in mind, but I guess “left of center” is my “trigger” phrase…

  2. What are you guys talking about? Did you go to the local yocal bar with the gull? And where’s mine?

  3. My plot is better (stronger?) than fluoride, and I would’ve succeeded if not for you pesky kids and your dog (bird?)

  4. I won’t play with the headline but that gull looks like it had one too many and took a short walk off a long railing.
    Little drunkie!