Construction Lamps At Coney Island Hospital Blinding Drivers?


A high-powered spotlight used to illuminate Coney Island Hospital’s (2601 Ocean Parkway) construction work appears to be irking neighbors, and possibly blinding drivers.

Here’s what tipster Ed L. wrote to us:

There is a lack of concern for the neighbors and community as well as the safety of cars that come around the corner of Shore Parkway and East 6th St.  The construction crew aim the lights in the direction of Shore Pkwy and East 6th St blinding drivers as they turn the corner as well as blinding the community. I have asked for the lights to be aimed at the hospital not into the windows and streets of the community. They just don’t care.

Well, we doubt the folks there don’t care. The hospital shuttered during Sandy, and has only partially reopened as they make repairs. With thousands in the community depending on them as a 911 intake facility and provider of other critical health services, we know the team is  laboring to bring the community hospital back on line as soon as possible. But that’s no excuse for making a dangerous situation for drivers and neighbors.

Sheepshead Bites has contacted the hospital’s administration and is awaiting a response.


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  • ShadowLock

    HELL YEA!!!!!!!!! those fucking things are bright!!! i mean seriously…….

    • Ed Lane

      The community needs to rally and speak up.

  • guest

    Has Janette-Sadik Khan set up an office close by or in the hospital itself to study “traffic calming patterns”? Certainly would explain the careless disregard and disrespect for drivers.

  • I contacted Councilman Michael Nelson’s office on this matter.

    • nolastname

      When did you contact his office? Please get back witht he outcome.

      • Ed Lane

        Contacted him via email on Dec. 22

  • Ed Lane

    Update Dec 24th: When I took the picture above there was one light blinding drivers. Now there are four aiming at East 6th St and Shore Parkway. Also Ave Z residents get it bad as well.

  • Ed Lane