Borough President Marty Markowitz Visits Warbasse Jewish Heritage Congregation


Source: Gabrielle Shnayderman

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz paid a visit to Warbasse Jewish Heritage Congregation this past Sunday, December 9, to help light the menorah and ring in Hanukkah for Warbasse’s first-ever Hanukkah party.

Two-hundred guests were present for the occasion at the center, which was still running on backup generators since Sandy struck late last October. The Warbasse congregation is inside the hard-hit Warbasse housing complex, which became a focal point for relief efforts after Sandy knocked out its independent generators and stranded residents as high up as 23 floors. The synagogue itself, however, was barely touched – a little holiday miracle for congregants.

Thanks to Gabrielle Shnayderman for the tip.

Correction (12/13/2012): The original version of the post indicated that the synagogue suffered extreme damage during Sandy. In fact, that was a nearby synagogue, and the Warbasse congregation only took two to three inches of water. We apologize for the confusion.


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  • Gabbi

    Thank you! A very joyous occassion!

  • Warbasse Resident


    Congrats. Indeed it was a joyous occasion.

    Thanks to the organizers… for doing this for our community.

    Happy Hanukah!!!

  • Rocked!

    I goto say, out of all of my Hanukkah party’s in my life – and I’m not that young – this was definitely on the top! Good food, music, friendly people, crafts….. Beautiful place. I recommend anyone that lives on the warbasse complexes or nearby should check this elegant jarusalem-stone cool synagogue, you’d like it ;)

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