Q Service Restored To Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach; B Service Operating North Of Kings Highway


Source: Deaks760 / Flickr

Hooray! Another amenity has returned for Southern Brooklyn commuters: Q and B subway service.

Beginning just before rush hour this morning, the beleaguered Q line is now extended as far south as Brighton Beach station. The B line, for the first time since Hurricane Sandy, is now operating from Kings Highway, heading north.

Specifically, Q trains operate between the Brighton Beach Station and the Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard Station in both directions.

B trains operate between Bedford Park Boulevard Station and Kings Highway Station in both directions.

Did you ride these trains this morning? How was your commute?


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  2. B and Q trains are not running as frequently as they usually do, so allow 5-10 extra minutes of travel. Overall, though, the commute was okay.

  3. ScarlettOhara777 on

    I took the B train this morning from Kings Highway. The platform was PACKED!!! But the B came after about 10 minutes of me waiting, and I got a seat (yay!) and it got me to midtown without a hitch. I was a happy camper.

  4. subway stinker on

    This is big news. My love affair with the BM 3 was intense but now over. I am back to riding the rails on the Q. By the way, I think Joe Lhota deserves to be the next Mayor. He really made the right moves by shutting the subways and moving the rolling stock out of the yards pre-Sany. The Coney Island Yards were flooded and I bet the cars would have been destroyed if he had not moved them.

  5. Rode the Q from sheepshead. Took a whole to get the train but it didn’t seem
    Anymore crowded than usual