Photo: Malfunctioning Street Light Causes Accident On Bedford And Voorhies


A traffic light that’s out-of-order due to the power outages still hobbling Sheepshead Bay caused a car accident this morning on Bedford Avenue and Voorhies Avenue.

Sure, it’s not unusual to see cars on the sidewalk in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the flooding from which caused many cars to float several feet from their parking spaces, but this one ended up there after confusion at the down traffic light.

“All the more reason why we need our power back,” writes tipster Richard K.

It does not appear anyone was injured in the accident.


  1. There were some relatively frequent accidents on both E26 and E29 crossings of Ave Y. That’s probably why they decided to put traffic lights there. So far, only timing concerns me, not their presence.

  2. When you are headed east on Ave Y. You wait at Bedford then when the light turns green the one on East 26th immediately turns red. What the hell is the point of this? Why does that block even need a light? There is no school there. They also put one on E 29th. That one at least so far seems to be timed with Nostrand Avenue but this is all a waste of taxpayer money.

  3. There are way too many traffic lights in NYC and too many Brooklynites spend too much time lobbying politicians for MORE lights, thinkibg more traffic lights equals more safety. In other countries, motorists are better drivers, there are fewer traffic lights and guess what? there is no carnage or blood running thru their streets. I cant believe that about 30,000 are killed in car accidents every year and very little to done to improve driving training. The only solution will be in the future when Robot technology leaves the driving to the computer in each car.

  4. They fixed the light at Brighton Beach & Ocean Pkwy, but they need to fix the one at West 5 & Neptune. That’s an accident waiting to happen.

  5. It’s NOT the lack of traffic signal…….I have seriously considered writing to Mercedes, Audi, Bentley, Rolls, Cadillac and other really high end Auto manufacturers. They can easily reduce the price of their autos by eliminating the directional signals from all of their vehicles………..since NO ONE , (especially in our area), EVER USES THEM!!!! These drivers, and a good number people driving cheaper autos, do not understand the importance of communication with other vehicles while driving. By not signaling your intentions, you ad confusion to the formula. If drivers are aware of each other’s intentions, accidents just don’t happen. Make it a habit people, even when no one else is around. “An ounce of prevention……………”.

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  7. There needs to be mandatory retesting of both the multiple choice test and road skills test every 5 years.


  8. Pedestrian lights helps. I saw same phenomenon on Ave Z by Coney Island Hospital last week. It was quickly fixed thou, probably since it is used by emergency vehicles 24/7.

  9. E26 between X and Y has downed poles and wires, not just trees, since hurricane night. I did not notice problems with new traffic light on Y and E26, but I drive there in one direction only, toward Bedford, and normally use X while traveling in the other direction.

  10. I cross this intersection at least twice a day. Some drivers do not seem to know or respect the law that intersection with out-of-service traffic lights should be treated same way as all-way stop sign. Just this morning one driver was not willing to let me drive through an intersection of Voorhies Ave and Sheepshead Bay Rd although I was there first, and alone at that moment, let pedestrian go and started moving while still being the only car at an intersection, and was almost in the middle of intersection when (s)he approached and stopped only because I was slowly blocking an intersection. That moron even honked at me thinking I was violating the right of way, not (s)he.

  11. It’s even more pathetic that East 26th street between Ave X and Y is shrouded in darkness and it looks like there are downed trees. Yet, a brand new ridiculous waste of gas, make no sense out of sync traffic light is up and running on Y and 26th. Priorities this city has are nothing but pathetic.

  12. There needs to be a PSA to remind drivers that down traffic lights need to be treated as all-way stop signs.

  13. i saw a light on harroway, where the bus depot is. there are 2 lights on the intersection. one of them was turned 90 degrees because of the wind probably. so one is showing green, and one is showing red, then they switch. so at any one time, the lights are green and red to both directions. strange how no accidents happened yet.

  14. …which, I should add, is not a kvetch about my needing light so much to see where I am going (I could have just gone down Z instead), but rather just to illustrate that there is still a significant area of people still living without power.

  15. If I can add to this — I rode my bike home Tuesday night, at around 11:45 p.m., and when I got to the final leg of my journey, on Sheepshead Bay Road and Voorhies, all of Voorhies, up until Nostrand, was shrouded in complete darkness, including Ocean and Voorhies. I figure it’s around 14 or so blocks? Every house, every street light — it was all out. I could not see beyond the flickering strobes on my handlebars, which are more for other cars to see me. They do little in terms of helping me see the road in front of me. Were it not for my being able to barely make out the outlines of cars parked in the street, I may as well have been wearing a blindfold around my eyes, because I couldn’t see a thing.