Photo: Here Be Where Looters Lie


While the looting situation has not been that bad in Sheepshead Bay compared to other hard hit neighborhoods, we haven’t been spared completely.

Greenlawn Bungalow Colony resident Bruce Z. wrote to us, “There has been looting here every night. I put this in front of my bungalow.”

I sure do hope it helps. And I hope no one steals the skeleton.


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  • Sam

    Ohhhhh man. This hurricane sparked the argument in my boyfriend, who lives with me, on why we should have a gun. We haven’t experienced any problems but I admit that looting was a concern of mine.

  • I hear the corner store on Sheepshead and Emmons got raided when the windows blew out >.>

    • Why weren’t you there protecting it in your
      …mass effect (i might be wrong on that one)…gear?

  • Emmons Owl

    What about doing some real reporting on this neighborhood disaster, You know go out there and interview people and stuff. Finding out if FEMA is helping anyone, (they are trying), etc. You guys really are dropping the ball on this, you should be getting out onto the streets and give people some useful information. Enough of this cutesy shit!

    • That’s on the Hurricane Sandy Recovery Resources page. Everyone contributes and shares current information. After all the serious coverage by Bites this is more than welcome.

    • AIG_Quant

      Agreed, the reporting thus far has been sub-par. I thought this was supposed to be a neighborhood blog.

      • can you show me one thats better? if you cant, i think you owe Ned a bunch of oral favors, if you know what im talking about (BJs)

    • bagels

      Are you kidding? A day after the hurricane Ned had the Disaster Recovery Resource Page established with numbers for FEMA, the Red Cross, etc.
      He also published an information exchange page where people could contact each other to see if everyone in their family was OK. Many people from out of state accessed that page. And now there’s the Facebook page for the clean up effort. This web site did a great job.

    • Engteacher

      When I had no power and no communication except the radio, all I kept hearing about was Breezy Point, New Jersey, Manhattan (especially Wall Street area), and a LITTLE on Red Hook. Never have I felt more like an unwanted step-child as most of REAL Brooklyn was ignored.
      Once power came back, the first place I checked was Sheepsheadbites. This site has done an AMAZING job with limited staff and resources, and crowdsourced updates. Keep up the great work, Ned, and ignore the unworthy haters.

    • you are right. I got…wait a second… YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. lol. go back to the bridge you crawled out of. this is my troll stomping grounds.

    • He’s the only guy keeping us in the know. I reject your comments completely. He’s better off for us if he is reporting useful info from a central location. If you’d like to hear hardship stories, come my way buddy. I’m going on 200 flights up ( and 200 down) since tues morning for the cause.

  • Good one Bruce.

  • abc

    I take offsense to this. I think the sheepshead bites team has done a fantastic job. This is not the ny times. It is a small local team with limited resources, reporting the best they can while also dealing with damage to their personal property, loss of power, lack of gas, etc etc.

    • abc

      That was meant to be in response to emmons owl

    • concerned friend

      I agree — this blog is a fantastic resource and inspiration for other bloggers.

  • Izgil

    What kinda colony is that? I didn’t know Brooklyn had colonies.

  • I live in Canada, but was born in the Projects on Nostrand Avenue at Ave. V. How are the conditions there, please and thanks?

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  • LOLA

    For those complaining about this blog and calling it “cutesy shit” know this…I was there DURING the storm with my boyfriend and pets. We had no car let alone anywhere else to go. So we had to stay there. No heat, no light, in the dark with no sight of the police and hearing people go through your neighbor’s home its not cute. It’s scary because you don’t know what people are willing to do for water or a dry blanket. And don’t bitch about Sheepsheadbites. They do what they can on the tiny amount of resources they have and I have yet to see any news channel van here.