In Aftermath Of Sandy, Footbridge Gets Much-Needed Repairs


Photo by Brian Hoo

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, one of the more iconic symbols of the devastation wrought, was the significant damage the footbridge incurred. Tipster and Sheepshead Bites contributor Brian Hoo sent us this photo (above) of some men working to repair the wooden connection between Emmons Avenue and Shore Boulevard.

This is what the bridge looked like immediate following the storm:

And, in happier days:

Photo by Jenelle Buccheri


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  7. Yes thank goodness but I think that foot bridge should have been built arched instead of straight across…..what do you think?

  8. The builder of the bridge, Austin Corbin, tore it down in 1878 because he didn’t want locals going to “his” beach. The town of Gravesend ordered it rebuilt, and Corbin had it torn down again. In 1880 the bridge was defined by local law as a public throughfare, and vandalism of the structure would be treated as a felony. Corbin withdrew his opposition.

  9. Is there really, Lisanne? Because I’ve heard for years that the people in Manhattan Beach have wanted the bridge removed because they don’t want “non-residents” in their neighborhood.