CONEY ISLAND: Emergency Food And Water Distribution Today


From Congressman Jerry Nadler:


  1. Trump Village had power restored on Weds. However, all the elevators are down. There are many elderly people living in these buildings that have 23 stories. What is going on with getting elevator service restored to Trump Village? The management and the Board of Directors are not addressing these issues. People are trapped in their apartments and will begin to have issues with food, water and medicine. There is also no heat or hot water. This will be soon be a public health issue.
    Does anyone have any information about this or where we can go for assistance?

  2. that’s funny – guess i missed his visits to sheepshead bay, coney island, gerritsen beach, brighton, and manhatten beach……

  3. where is marty markowitz? he should be out like the other politicians supporting his constituents who are dealing with this disaster….