Buy A T-Shirt For Sandy Victims


Source: Face of the Franchise

I like t-shirts. They are probably the most practical piece of clothing in my life, and I feel like I can never have too many. Now because of Eric J. Dwyer, I can not only indulge in my love of t-shirts, but I can wear one knowing I donated to a good cause.

The cause in this case is that of Hurricane Sandy victims. Dwyer plans to donate 100 percent of the proceeds he gains from the sale of a special shirt he produced to a variety of Hurricane Sandy related charities. To buy the shirt and to read about the charities Dwyer plans to donate to, check out his website by clicking here.

  • Anna

    Thats so nice! A T-Shirt makes up for all the destruction of the homes and lives! So thoughtful.

    • So they shouldn’t raise money at all?

    • nolastname

      What have you done to raise money for those in this devastation? These folks are getting $ from some people who only want the T and may not care about where the profits go. It is opening a whole area of donation.
      And this goes for Bill also. Some people will not donate but will want a T-shirt.
      I think it is a nobel idea.

  • bill

    Exactly how much is “100% of the proceeds”? Do we neesd to support t-shirt makers? Why not donate directly to the charity?

    • Because no other charity ever did a thing like this ever. This is unprecedented, giving you something for your donation!