Blame Obama For Sandy? Someone Seems To Think So


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and its destruction of Manhattan Beach and Southern Brooklyn’s waterfront, some frustrated residents are taking to graffiti vandalism to air their frustrations.

We’ve heard a lot about how FEMA and Red Cross (not to mention the media) seem to be absent from Southern Brooklyn neighborhoods. I don’t know if this is a misplaced protest of that, or an act of overt racism as the submitter, Diane A., seems to think. She writes:

“It’s at the end of Coleridge St at the house of the people’s whose yard is now the esplanade … for someone to actually spend their time doing this in the last few days, is appalling. I’m sure there was something much more useful this asshole could have done for 20 minutes.”

The jury’s still out on the vandal’s intentions, but, one thing’s for sure: it ain’t helpful.


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  • Ridculous of course. As it was to claim racisim with Katrina and Bush.

    • Lucky Lady

      Thank you. The Katrina response had nothing to do with racism; it had everything to do with incompetence.

      • You will get no argument from me.

  • MyBrooklyn

    but, one thing’s for sure: it ain’t helpful. What is helpful… I think we all have a right to explode in this situation…when i pay for something i want a quick a turn around and especially people like bosses and people did not get effected by act like arrogant assholes….

    • For now, try to keep your head, you’ll be better off. There is always time for payback.

      • MyBrooklyn

        hey Mike..thanks for good words..but why not issue checks
        to families that struggling…for example like $100 per each family member for
        certain days..I am just throwing numbers, instead of giving out food and other
        supplies….that most working families will not need

  • NSF

    Blaming Obama for this destructive act of Mother Nature is just another vapid excuse from an obstructionist opposition that has pointed the finger at him for things he can’t control. At this point, FEMA’s response, considering the widespread devastation, seems reasonable. When things get back to normal, government officials should perhaps hone in on emergency preparations for natural disasters, as much as they have for terrorism. See NY Times on this:

  • Johnster

    Is it such a horrible idea to expect corporations that we’ve helped become multi-billion dollar corporations to help build?

  • Ritt Momney

    This picture fails to illustrate the true intentions of the artist: Vote Romney.

    • NSF

      True intentions appear to be straightforward — ignorance!

  • Andrew Kent

    Why bother to discuss this graffiti as if it was legitimate political commentary? It’s simply the insane ranting of an obviously frustrated bigot, proving that ignorance, like rats, can survive any storm.

    • I agree. Giving it the publicity here might even incite this nut to do it again. Not worth the bytes on the hard drive to even store it.

  • We have to remember the anti-Semitic graffiti that has shown up around the neighborhood, odds are that is is the same people responsible here.

    • Diz

      I’m not really sure I follow that logic, but it sounds like a nice thought that there’s just one small roving band of equal opportunity racists and everyone else is cool. Unlikely.


      you really deserve a baseball bat across your face for such a stupid remark

      • levp

        Threatening bodily harm while at the same time advertising your email address is not really smart…

  • ShadowLock

    hahahahahhahahahahha…. That was a great laugh, i needed that.

  • Since when is obama helpful to anyone? The sign is true.

    • levp

      According to Romney, Obama is helpful to at least 47% of Americans. Therefore, either the sign is false or Romney is lying (or both).

  • How come during Katrina everyone was blaming Bush instead of the incompetent Governor of Louisiana and mayor of New Orleans. Now everyone is blaming Blumberg and Cuomo? It’s the mass hypocrisy that gets me.


    The sheer truth spoken by that image!

    Bloomfuck and the resident of the White House both deserve their heads on pikes along with every other elected official who has allowed this suffering to continue. The pitchforks and torches are long overdue and the politicians and Government looters are long overdue the guillotines.. If ever two men were deserving of the full Mussolini treatment of public hanging and having their corpses abused by the public, their is no more worthy candidate of Marie Antoinette Bloomberg and the excrement he endorses.

    50 years of Liberalism has rendered the greatness nation on earth incapable of even filling their gas tanks.

    • levp

      OK, time for you to get out of that basement, because poisonous vapors are getting to your brain…



    • levp

      There was a oil pipeline to tri-state area? When? From where?!

  • Thalila

    It would be lovely if people could just shut up about who is at fault. When something strikes of this magnitude sometimes stuff gets put at the bottom of the list, some people suffer and it’s just not fair. I highly doubt the lunatics blaming Bloom and Obama are doing every.single.thing. they can to help everyone out. Are you spending every waking moment donating your stuff and shopping so those in need can have what they need? are you letting strangers sleep in your house on these cold nights? no. Nobody can do everything for every person affected by the storm. You’re just getting frustrated and pointing the finger so you feel better.
    Have a supply reserve, generator and a wad of cash so you can afford to get out of town for 1-2 weeks and take responsibility for your own situation. Aid and assistance are wonderful but they aren’t your god-given right.

    • FuPayMe

      They are not god given indeed we pay for these
      FEMA is funded by the tax we pay

  • AlexC

    After reading all the comments here I really decided I need to get out of this city…