After Huge Donation From Former Residents, Volunteers Needed To Distribute Supplies In Sheepshead Bay


Approximately 20 volunteers came out last night to greet the 24-foot-long truck and unload its haul of donations for Sheepshead Bay residents. (Photo: Erica Sherman)

A group of friends and family living around P.S. 52 have worked hard to bring needed supplies to Sheepshead Bay while others have overlooked our hard hit waterfront. They sent me this e-mail, requesting help distributing supplies dropped off last night by former residents in a jam-packed 24-foot truck.

We need walkers, runners, and bikers to distribute supplies in stranded Sheepshead Bay!

Vote, volunteer, and take home needed supplies!

Volunteers are needed in Sheepshead Bay Tuesday, 11/6 (Election Day!) from 9am to 3pm, and Wednesday and Thursday from 4-6pm to help distribute much needed supplies that just arrived from North Carolina in a 24′ truck.

Come to the Nostrand Avenue entrance between Voorhies Avenue and Avenue Z of the Sheepshead Bay Elementary School (PS 52) to hand out supplies at the school and to fan out into the neighborhood (which still has no heat, power, cell phone service, internet, access to gas, or subway service) on foot or bicycle and distribute desperately needed supplies like food, water, clothes, and toiletries that just arrived in a 24′ truck from North Carolina.  If you have a hand truck or cart, please bring it!

Locals are welcome to come to the school to pick up what they need.  (Please bring your own bags!)

Since you may now vote at any polling place, you can also do that at the school!  We also hope you’ll stay, if only for an hour hour two, to help.

These supplies were collected and delivered by George and Pat Aswad, former Sheepshead Bay and Gerritsen Beach residents who relocated to Havelock, North Carolina, where they opened a restaurant, Crabby Patty’s.  They have no political affiliation; they are just neighbors helping neighbors.  The Aswads and their friends had initially headed to the Rockaways because that is where the media indicated there was most need.  Luckily, they were turned away, but had just enough gas to get to Sheepshead Bay, where they were welcomed with open arms.


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  2. BayImprovementGroup on

    Thank you, Sheepshead Bites, for posting this announcement! The Aswads are fantastic people who did a fantastic thing for the people of Sheepshead Bay, and the team at PS 52, led by Tina Maffeo, was amazing. The distribution of the Aswads’ donations will continue on Wednesday from 4-6pm, and possibly Thursday from 4-6pm. Please help spread the word that volunteers are needed and locals are encouraged to stop by and pick up what they need. P.S. Check out the Aswads on the East Carolina news, which covered the story of their donation:

  3. Spread the word. There are A LOT of clothes here. Shoes, Mens, Womens, Kids, Infants, Coats, Blankets, Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Socks, T-Shirts, Bras, LOTS OF THEM. A whole classroom of them. If you know someone in need of these items send them by, or come pick it up for them.

  4. LOTS of clothes at this location.
    LOTS of water, and a good deal of food.

    But NOT many people coming by to get what they need.

    With the school reopening, it is possible that any “leftovers” will be shifted to other local sites OR to the Red Cross.

    Anyone local… come by on Wednesday and Thursday from 4-6PM to see if they have what you need.

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