Yooberry Frozen Yogurt Opens On Sheepshead Bay Rd


Three months after we reported that a new frozen yogurt establishment would open at 1501 Sheepshead Bay Road, yooberry removed the paper from its windows and opened for business on Friday evening.

The inside – and outside, for that matter – is bright and colorful, with what appears to be self-serve frozen yogurt machines and a counter full of toppings. It’s a welcome face-lift near the otherwise dark, dingy and dirty B/Q overpass.

Welcome to the neighborhood, yooberry. Sorry you missed the summer, but there’s always next year.


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  • BIG

    BIG always happy to see new local business on our shopping main street Sheepshead Bay Road. Good Luck YOOBERRY! http://www.BayImprovementGroup.org

  • craig mack

    shouldn’t of went with the shiny white front next to the station,it will be doodoo brown in 6 months…just in time for going out business sale…just saying

    • ES

      I know I should grow up, but “doodoo brown” just made me laugh.

    • Well, i hope it lasts. We need something there just to keep that area under the train clean. Now something has to open next to it, that’s disgusting there.

      • ES

        Someone needs to powerwash it.

  • AIG_Quant

    how about some details such as the prices

    • RFernandez

      49 cents an ounce. toppings included.

  • Sam

    YooBerry have really nasty intentions for Russians. I’ll think twice before opening frozen yogurt place in partly Russian area

    • Huh?

    • craig mack

      huhh x 2?

    • bulent a.

      huhh x3 ?!?

  • Tuth

    The storefront does look nice, but missing the summer and now surviving 7 months of cold is going to be a tough challenge. Another challenge, is how to get middle-aged Eastern Europeans and Middle Easter folks into a fruity looking store like this. A third challenge, keeping a battalion of pidgins from annihilating your storefront. Then there is the matter of fighting the Business Curse of Sheepshead Bay, I hope the proper witch doctor has already been called. Survive all these challenges and you got a chance :-)

    • craig mack

      Pidgin is the bad ass mutha uhhuh version of the Pigeon that frequents South Brooklyn

  • bulent a.

    this place really clean and got unique flavors. friendly stuff, good toppings, and .49cents per ounce.

  • yanell

    yooberry taste great and full 16 oz. cup with lots of toppings came up to less than $$

    • anna

      i paid mine $3.80 and i had red velvet with lots of fruits on it ..

  • anna

    fruits are really fresh here. i think this place will be kicking some a..s by this summer. and they change flavors of the yogurts every week i guess cuz when i get there this weekend they had 2 new flawors. mango/peach is really fruity and red velvet … yummy i already love this place..

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  • BrooklynBus

    They got a great location going for them. Just hope they can afford the rent.

    • nolastname

      If they make it through the winter months they stand a shot.
      On another not…..
      WTF is it with Discus. If it’s not one problem it’s another. Pay cheep get cheep.

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