The Worst Is Over


Well, folks, we survived. It’s a bit past midnight and from what we can see, the waters are beginning to recede, power is coming back slowly and the long clean up is beginning. Hell, Jay Leno is back on the air.

But, we’re not done yet. The water level of the ocean and bay is still higher than normal and the winds are still gusting. Tomorrow morning will bring a new high tide and another surge.

Thank you for all your tips and photographs. We’ll be putting together more posts full of your photos in the coming days. While we love getting information from your vantage points, please don’t endanger yourself to get us tips. Use your head when taking photographs. Don’t enter any standing water. Stay away from downed wires. The winds may be gone, but the danger is still there. Stay safe.

Stay home if you can and keep reading Sheepshead Bites for the latest news on Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath.


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  • Mike

    any truth to the people posing as Con Ed workers and knocking on people’s doors and robbing them at gunpoint?

    • Dee

      If its true they should rot In hell

  • Can anyone confirm WHERE all the fires in Brooklyn are. My home as well as most of my friends reek of smoke

    • Alen Agaronov

      Try following FDNY on twitter for updates on NYC fires.

    • Arthur Borko

      Those arent fires you are smelling but transformers that have shorted out.

    • Dee

      Smoke is coming from ocean ave and ave y next to a Verizon building . Not exactly sure what it is. My optical store is across the street I’ve been here the hole time. Watching the flooding . Fdny and nypd and other state agency’s pass by but leave

    • Gothamist has a map of incidents and fires:

  • Vlad

    Right now there is a “fire” at the Verizon building on Ocean Ave and Ave Y. Its been smoking since 1030-11pm and is still going.

    • Allie

      Pretty scary, I live close by. I am staying with family by ave t and 28th and I can hear the fire trucks and smell smoke from here. I hope the “fire” is not spreading.

      • Alan r

        The fire you smell on T and 28th is cunningham jhs.

  • Chris J

    Anyone know whats happening in Gerritsen Beach? I was texting with a friend who was trapped there and havent heard from her in a while.

  • minnie

    can anyone tell me how’s the flood in your house and basement? we evacuated today and my house is in E 12 St next to the belt parkway. thanks a lot.

    • Raven

      I live on 12 and ave z and we had to leave at 8 completely under 3-4 ft of water

  • Breezy Point is having HORRIBLE fires. Total devastation. That is probably where the strong fire smell is coming from. I don’t know numbers yet but it’s LOTS of houses…and as you probably know, they are directly across the water from Sheepshead Bay….If anyone hears about relief efforts being directed at them, please post here…they are going to need all the help they can get.

  • Ann

    On that Gothamist site, I saw CI Hospital was down to 4 hours of power as of 1am and they were evacuating…

  • The 60 pct moved to the school in Coney Island due to flooding. They evacuated Coney Island Hospital.

  • Booboo

    Is it safe to walk around a bit now? I have had so much anxiety not being able to see what is going on in the surrounding blocks.

  • Guest12111111

    Can someone please explain the surge this morning? What time is it supposed to come and are they expecting more flooding in manhattan beach area!

  • Alice

    Is it safe now to go back to manhattan beach? I would like to see the extent of damage to the house.

    • kibbutznik

      Yes, can anyone give an update of the state of Manahttan Beach the morning after? Power outage in the entire neighborhood? Flooding? Where? Thanks.

  • Eric

    Gothamist has pic of coney island park flooding from last night

  • Amespi

    Does anyone know anything about manhattan Beach?

  • Ann

    I have red cross numbers and just a handful of other possibly helpful stuff, you want it for your resource page?

  • wait till you see the bill!