Power Restorations Rolling Through Neighborhood


We’re getting a lot of messages about restored power throughout the neighborhood. We’ve heard it from people in Manhattan Beach and Brighton Beach, as well as those living around Avenue Z, Avenue Y, East 7th Street, East 13th Street and elsewhere.

Let us know in the comments if your power is still on or off so we can get a better sense of how things are progressing.

  • Sheepshead Bah Resident

    Haring St. between Vorhees and Z has two large trees down, don’t think I’ll be seeing my power back on for days.

    • Is your location ( Haring Str. between Voorhies and Z) close to Voorhies and Ocean Avenue intersection?

      • It’s about 11 blocks away. Right past the Nostrand Intersection.
        The next block, Brown between Z and Voorhies has nothing either..

        • BklynBridge

          Thx Mayya May. I hope your power comes back on soon. I have family on Brown Street between Voorhies and ShorePkwy. Have you heard anything as to when you might be back on the grid?

  • JZ

    19th & Voorhies, still no power.

  • ik

    E 12 on, finally..

    • K

      E 12th and what cross street, please

      • Alexa

        Not the Bel Air (2775 East 12) , they are still down. Called con-ed, spoke to a human, was informed that there has been a ticket put in and they will be dispatching people as early as tomorrow. Building super informed that they have hired an electrician to come tomorrow.

        • LLL

          Hi is Bel Air the same management as Arcadia at 3232 Shore Parkway? I am trying to find out if there is electrical power and gas at that building.

          • Rachel

            both of them same management. You can try to send email to Kings and Queens management

          • LLL

            Thanks Rachel. Good idea to email management. I tried calling but got no answer.

  • Anastasiya103

    Does anyone know about ave x and 13-14 th street? Thanks

  • EML

    Corbin place between Oriental and the water.

    • EML

      Has some power, I mean

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  • ML

    Z and Ocean Pkwy power is back on.

  • Sam

    Ave z has power but warebasse is still without

  • Need power back

    E17 between Ave. Y and Z still don’t have power. ConEd said that they were giving priority to higher density areas- that’s why Brighton and buildings on SheepsheadBay will get power much quicker than condos.

  • MB

    They turned power on in Manhattan Beach without a warning, and some of the wires started burning on the electric poles. Police cars were driving around asking people to leave their homes while they got things sorted out.

    • BrooklynBus

      There were also a number of underground electrical fires and all entrances were closed to Manhattan Beach for a short time between around 5:30 and 6:PM.

      • BklynBridge

        Any fires by Amherst?

  • LennyM

    No power on V and 15th. Power reports are good. Not to create false hopes but this means they will slowly start to turn power to more and more areas little by little to prevent an overload of the grid (imagine the drain of a few tens of thousand fridges powering up at once). If so you’ll see new reports every 30-90 minutes. Please follow con eds advice and unplug unnecessary appliances to prevent a system overload.

    • LennyM

      So no clue if power will be restored by tomorrow but if you’re going to visit one of the many friendly businesses allowing people to charge their phones please bring a power strip/surge protector so you don’t hog the outlet and others can also charge as well, assuming the business is fine with that.

    • LennyM

      Power restored on E 15 and V.

    • Lenny, are you a resident at 15th and V (M&R building)? I am just wondering if the management is as stingy with heat in that building as they are in ours.

  • ML

    There is at least one fire right now around Coney Island Avenue and Neptune, people are saying it started when the power came back on.

  • Trump village, power on, sometime between 4 and 6pm

  • RM131

    i hear con ed may shut power again from 9-12…anyone know if this is true?

  • IlonaCA

    Just heard from a friend – power is back up Ave X and 12th.

  • Anon

    No power @e16th btwn Z and sheepshead bay rd.

  • Tashkoze

    No power still in Warbasse huh? Mgmt has been an utter disgrace, MIA. They ahve there own power plant so listening to when con ed will turn back power on is useless for those buildings.

    • I think National Grid is responsible for Warbasse, not sure how that works. Plus this was Zone A, & people should’ve left but didn’t. It maybe has to be inspected for safety.

    • Mxx

      Rumors are, and these are just rumors since like you said Warbasse management is MIA, salt water got into boilers and totally destroyed them. Supposedly it will take WEEKS to buy, deliver and install a new boiler. Until then no power or water.
      At least I see cleanup crews cutting up and shredding fallen trees and other crews are rebuilding mangled scaffolding under each building.
      But security and management are MIA…This is 4th day and no official announcements that I’m aware of.

  • Sue

    Seacoast terrace in brighton has power but surrounding buildings do not

  • Fucksandy

    Sheepshead bay … Vorhees ave has lights

    • BklynBridge

      Where on Voorhies?

    • mns

      all of Voorhies?

  • BkynBridge

    Where on Voorhies?

  • HellenM

    Power on Neck Rd & Homecrest

  • Eli S

    Can someone confirm fact or rumor, of possible planned power shut down tonight?

  • AIG_Quant

    hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! we got lights on Eeast 2nd st Between ave V&X. There is still no power on between east 2nd and Mcdonald on ave W/X

  • Lika

    Does anyone knows about West 8 st& Neptune Ave neighborhood? When the power will be restored there? Any comments are welcome, thanx guys!

  • JonY

    If someone know/heard when power will be restored at 2775 West 5th street?

  • Gypsy

    emmons and east 27th still no power

  • Gypsy

    no power on east 27th and emmons

  • ShadowLock

    Some rumor going around about con Edison pulling the switch on us again? or is it false?

    • subway stinker

      Does anyone know how these rumors about another con ed shutdown start or whrere they come from? Mr.Shadowlock, would you care to let me in our your secret source??

  • Sheepshead Bay Resident

    No Power on East 28th street Between Voorhies and Shore Parkway and on Ocean Avenue between Y and Z

  • Jv

    What is happening at the Waterford assisted living. 2900 Bragg st.

    • EndofDaze

      The Emmons one, I don’t believe has opened yet, but at the rate some of us in our fifties and sixties are going lately, they might be getting some young customers! Oh, and their front facade looks like a “Mezzuzah” to me! Do you think they will be marketing to a specific clientele?! Doesn’t everyone, who lives long enough, eventually get old and frail?!

  • AL

    Margaret Court (E13 between Aves Y and Z) has power, although not all of the outlets work (probably due to the flooding). Any ideas on how safe it is to use if the basement is still flooded?

    • theUrbanographer

      We only have some electric in the house working too.

    • i live on margaret court but still upstate worrying about the electric fuse box being wet. my sister checked my house yesterday said there was still about a foot of water in the basement. worried about things like my fridge i couldnt unplug and all causing fires. are people staying in the houses? i imagine furnacesand water heaters will need major repairs?

  • Heat & hot water finally back minutes ago.

  • Alex

    Does anyone know if 2944 west 5th St (Trump Village building) has power? water? What’s going on down there?

  • Offbalance

    My parents are on Kimball between Quentin & P – no power. I actually took a bus to see them today because they have Fios and because they have no power, they have no phone (no cell service either). On the bus ride down, I noticed that the areas with power stopped at Flatbush & Flatlands. So I think most of Marine Park is still without power.

  • Ever

    15th and V needs power. An surrounding streets with power?

  • DS

    Ocean Ave btw Voorhies and Ave Z still has no power.

  • Jim

    Ocean Parkway & Neck has power.

  • Any news on Hollywood and Belaire on Homecrest?

    • Worried

      Heard electric on in belaire bu trying to find out about whether heat is on yet.?Pretty chilly out there

    • Worried

      Oh sorry I was mistaken I was refering to The Beverly Hills not Belaire re electricity turned on. Still asking if anyone knows if heat on yet

      • Old Sheepshead Hand

        Beverly Hills got power back last night as did the building on the corner of Homecrest and Shore/Voorhies. No heat or hot water as of last night but may have changed this morning. If Bel Air has power, then Hollywood should too.

  • Fi L.

    Stuart between R and fillmore still doesnt have power. Lost power since monday.

  • MangoT

    Power is still running and stable on Ave U, E 24th ST.

  • Zhenya

    Still no power on ave y and east 13, even though the other residences around my building have power

    • Vasya


      I was on Ave Y & Homecrest today and everyone got power except for that block.

  • /EHA

    As of 11/1, Trump Village Section IV has power. Elevators/Gas/Hot Water expected to be restored by Sunday. Stop lights around that area still out, drive carefully.

    • logicgal

      Do you know if Section 3 has power?

  • kibbutznik

    Hi and hope you are all safe. What is the current situation in Manhattan Beach? is the power back? I understand there were several electrical fires, lots of police and fire engines last night…..is this still the case? Please update. Ned – you and your team are angels! I live so far away, and your reportings have been so helpful to me to understand what you are all going through. I finally got word from my family last night, but then we lost the skype connection and haven’t been able to reconnect. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • theUrbanographer

      We have some not all power back at my parents’ house in Manhattan Beach since around 4 PM yesterday. Landlines are still down I think. My father’s cell service through AT&T is working. Tmobile smartphone service flickers. Verizon service wasn’t working there yesterday. EML might know more.

      • LennyM

        Both AT&T and Tmobile have opened their networks to each others’ customers.

    • nolastname

      If you want me to pass by I am able. I live in Sheepshead Bay.

  • derp

    Anyone know which businesses may have wireless? This limited smartphone stuff ain’t cutting it and I need to send some lenghty emails. Any coffee shops or anything with internet open? Thanks guys!

    • nolastname

      Maybe libraries later in the day. I have not noticed if they have been open.

  • KB

    As of 10 30 PM last night all of Emmons Bay as well as Sheepshead Bay Rd was pitch black. Ave Y and Ocean Ave going down to Emmons was without power as well.

  • derp

    Anyone know which businesses may have wireless? This limited smartphone stuff ain’t cutting it and I need to send some lenghty emails. Any coffee shops or anything with internet open? Thanks guys!

    • I don’t think any of the coffee shops on Sheepshead Bay Rd will be open soon. My best suggestion is to a pack up and head to Avenue U, which appears to be the nearest commercial strip with power (in fact, totally unharmed). There are places like Dunkin’ Donuts, which should have wifi, though I’ve never actually used it.

      • derp


  • jrabin

    1245 Avenue X, got power last night, and heat this AM

  • Does anyone know what the status is for Warbasse? I know the lobby is a mess, but we’re wondering when power will be turned back on!

    • Kathy

      They already asked Con Ed for help but they said that they can only help us when they done with their own work…doesn’t sound promising

      • MyBrooklyn

        @ Kathy do you have any updates regarding Warbasse electricity coming back…thank you

        • Kathy

          2 Jess / Unfortunately no … since there is no management and no announcements from them…People that I asked on the street saying from couple of days to month. Also I heard that because they cant fix our generators National Guard will come and evacuate our bldng. Our mngmnt was trying to safe some money installing some cheap ass generators instead of dealing with ConED.
          Let me know if u hear something

          • Kathy

            Reply was to MyBrooklyn

          • Mxx

            @675842e39170b093c6693ec076bbf28f:disqus All this information is WRONG! National Guard IS NOT COMING! BUILDINGS ARE NOT EVACUATED! YOU SPREADING FUD!

            GENERATORS in the power plant are working perfectly fine.
            The problem is with transformers in each building getting flooded. Transformers convert power from 600V DC that power plant or ConEd provides into 120V AC in your wall outlet. ConEd is useless without those transformers working.

          • Kathy

            Mxx That’s why I specifically wrote that I HEARD IT ALL …

          • Kathy

            But thanks 4 clearing it up

          • MyBrooklyn

            Max….thank you for your technical explanation regarding warbasse power plant..makes perfect sense. Why keep transformers in the basement…also do you know if warbasse will be out of power for more then 1 week. thank you

          • Mxx

            All/most buildings keep transformers there. Where else would they keep them? If power is out you don’t want to drag heavy parts to the roof, nor will you be able to connect any external equipment that could be rolled in.
            Security guard said that supposedly transformers are dry and they are waiting for the city to do all the necessary testing and certification. Yet he also said that they are waiting on some parts that are coming from Connecticut. I don’t know exactly how his statements connect… That was kinda confusing.
            If all they are waiting for are tests, then it could be a couple more days, otherwise I don’t know.
            I imagine that they can/will turn on each building independently, don’t need to wait for all 5 to be ready.

      • Thanks, Kathy. It looks like my family was indeed evacuated today, and they’ve since relocated to NJ. It seems as though Warbasse does not expect to obtain power back for a few weeks at the least.

  • logicgal

    Does anyone know if the power/water/etc at 444 Neptune Avenue Trump Village Section 3 has been restored? Heard that Section 4 has just power but no power or anything else?

  • mohammad chy

    can anybody tell me about 1230 ave y….power is on or not..pls let me know

  • toubis

    W and East 7th has power except me……………
    and the food in my freezer is starting to thaw.

  • Reed in Illinois

    Thank you to the hosts of this blog! It’s been a very helpful link through the ordeal.

    I’ve been trying to keep tabs on my elderly mother on Haring Street betw. Z & Voorhees. Her cell service is finally back now but still no power.

    She told me that it reminded her how much she enjoyed camping! Tough lady.

    I worry about whether the furnaces in all the flooded basements will be water damaged making everybody live for days more in the cold, even after power is back.

  • RayL

    Just spoke to Con Ed about 2717-2719 East 28th Street, between Voorhees & Shore Pkwy. Repair crews were dispatched and the ESTIMATE time of restoration is 7pm. The official said the accuracy of the estimate on a scale of 1-10 was realistically a “6”. But the fact that there is a 7pm time is a very good sign. BTW he was extremely polite and kind.

  • VladP

    Batchelder St. between Voorhees and Z has no power yet.

  • Mxx

    Rumors are, and these are just rumors since Warbasse management is MIA, salt water got into boilers and totally destroyed them. Supposedly it will take WEEKS to buy, deliver and install a new boiler. Until then no power or water. Perhaps they can work something out to temporary connect to ConEd’s power… :/
    At least I see cleanup crews cutting up and shredding fallen trees and other crews are rebuilding mangled scaffolding under each building.
    But security and management are MIA…This is 4th day and no official announcements that I’m aware of.

    • Kathy

      They already asked ConEd for help but their answer was that when they r done with their work they can give us a hand…

    • Kathy

      Im not expecting our mngmt any time soon … unless it is a pay day…

  • Kimanay

    Does anyone know about Kingsborough Community college status yet?? I attend their and was just curious as to when classes will resume.

    • ishast

      KCC is a wreck. That pretty much sums it up.

  • Rachel

    do you know if power back on 2680 East 19 street?

  • BklynBridge

    Con Ed is saying the rest of Sheepshead Bay should be lit up by Saturday morning.

  • kathy

    no power on west 5 & neptune av and we have our OWN power plant, but they saying that we wont have any electricity for the next 10 days…so who needs this power plant after all?

    • MyBrooklyn

      you are absolutely right…Warbasse should remove power plant that also cost
      a lot more to maintain it and let Con Edison provide direct power to Warbasse

      • Kathy

        Everybody around us already have lights … Did u hear anything new? Did our mngmt showed up or we shouldnt expect them any time soon?

    • Kathy

      As I just heard cheef of ConEd (or something ) sitting in the truck by warrbasse and he said power will be on by tonight

  • OregonCB

    Anyone know the status of Luna Park. Still trying to track my sister down. The building is 2958 West 8th Street.

  • Cindy

    No power to the houses on Homecrest between Neck and V. But the apartment buildings on the same block has had power for more than 24 hours.

    • Cindy

      Power is back on over here.

  • Knicksmets

    We live @ 2800 Coyle St. Between Emmons & Shore Pkwy. We have no power, but running cold water and flushing toilets right now. Our boiler room was pumped out today and we have areas of our underground garage concrete flooring which have split and risen after taking on about 7 ft. Of water. In addition, our lobby and first floor apts., laundry room, etc. filled with 5 ft. Of water. All of the water has receded, leaving behind mud everywhere. Rumors are floating that as a result of suffering this type of damage, that ConEd would first have to inspect the building before restoring our power. We’ve heard this process could take as long as 2-3 weeks at best.

    Ned, can you or anyone else substantiate this information, which would be greatly appreciated. By the way we know that Assemblyman Cymbrowitz wouldn’t the powers that be forget Sheepshead Bay.

    • Madamemad

      any news on 3030 Emmons, a few blocks down (near Nostrand)? The situation is similar. Lobby and garage destroyed. We’re right on the Bay.

  • Bill

    Any idea how long power will be out east 24th and 3rd?

  • AllaF

    There is still no power on voorhies and e 22/23. Does anyone know when it will be restored?

  • Ira

    2950 ocean avenue has no power and no hot water as of 7 pm today

  • E23rd-ER

    About 10 minutes ago there were 3 loud bangs with flashing of light about 2-3 blocks from us. Must be E21st or Ocean Ave between X and Y. Also heard fire trucks rushing to the scene. Though I don’t see any flames. The lights did flicker, but still on

    • E 21 resident

      did this just happen?

      • E 21 resident

        I think its between Y and Z, a bit concerned as I live on E 21st

        • michaela

          i live on east 21 btwn x and y and thats where it blew.

  • Max T.

    Power is finally restored around the Nostrand/Z area and all the side streets! Con Edison was working during the night to help our area.

  • Sergio

    2365 East 13th Street (Corner of Ave X)-Finally power is back as of 7pm! Great Job ConEd!

    Everyone, PLEASE DONATE TO RED CROSS….!!! Most of us who are online are very fortunate-please don’t forget about our Staten Island/Rockaway/Jersey folks who have lost everything!!!!

  • Alexa

    Trump Village Section 3 starting to get hot water since mid-day today.(Power since last night.. Spoke to security today in the evening, was informed that building staff working on the flooded elevators/ elevator shafts. No word on how soon they will come back on.

  • Alexa

    Net Cost Baza @ McDonald and West 6th under the train tracks near McD’s will be closed for 2-3 months for repairs. Source- employee via private phone.

  • serious

    Can anyone tell me the status of the Waterford? I heard they needed assistance. do they have power yet?

  • sandy

    no power bet 26 n 27 on Voorhies n z

  • Christopher

    can someone tell me if the power is back on at 65 oriental blvd.? thanks a lot

  • guest718

    my faMILY lives in homecrest no power still

  • Anyone know anything about the post office, which was in Zone A, at 2628 E 18th St(between Avenue Z & Jerome Ave)? Is the mail all lost? Has anyone else not been getting mail delivery?

  • anyone know if the power is on at 2800 Coyle St, a large building off Emmons? It’s been out for days.,

    • Kon

      I have a friend who lives there and he said it isn’t.

  • IR

    Hi Friends can anyone tell me the Power Status In Avenue X 3070 ? I will be thankfull , My friend stays there and he is not in Contact with us Anymore.

  • Mxx

    Warbasse posted signs that today we are getting cold water thanks to a borrowed water pump from some coop in Manhattan. Management in the community room said power is “a couple of days away”.

  • East16folks

    What is going on with optimum service? Until now now service. How ridiculous for not getting proper service at this time? Does anyone know the updates?

  • Fishken1

    Does anyone know if power is on at East 21 street at ave Z and Shore Parkway ?

  • MirkoGrande

    No power or water at the famous Aamalgamated Warbasse Houses on west 5th and Neptune Av. and the people in charge saying it may take up to two (2) weeks…there are lots of seniors who are in immediate need of medical assistance. Can someone explain this to our beloved mayor Bloomberg who’s for certain at this time isn’t lacking anything?

  • What are the conditions at 448 Neptune Ave? I need to know…

  • Hiya

    Power is still of in some of voorhies

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