Morning Mug: Showing Some ShadowLock Love


I inadvertently and regrettably omitted the fantastic photo you see above from last week’s “Awesome Clouds Dazzle Local Residents” post, and I promised the shutterbug I’d try to make it up to him.

From our esteemed photographer:

i call this, the ROARING PHOENIX!

That ShadowLock. He just slays me. He also titled the email he sent me, in all caps to denote terrific enthusiasm, “AVE U CLOUDS of AWESOMENESS” in the subject line.

And indeed they are.

Photo by ShadowLock


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  • bagels

    Very nice.

  • Georgia

    Really good picture I like it

  • nolastname

    Beautiful, it’s like looking into faces of hell. I do see a few mugs in the pic.

  • ShadowLock

    :D Thanks! :D i need to photoshop this a bit…. this is Clarity + HDR :)