Morning Mug: Rumble On The Boardwalk


From the photographer:

“A dog tried to stare down a little cat on about west 33rd street and boardwalk this morning [Ed. — last month]. The cat would have none of it and stood his ground. I wasn’t about to get in the way of it, I was poised to press the 911 button if things got serious. After about two minutes, the dog realized he couldn’t intimidate the little cat and, with the owner’s prodding, walked away. Trouble was averted.

Photo by Bruce Brodinsky

  • ShadowLock

    I am bettin on the cat! that dog is way to kind hearted to “kill” anything. :)

    • ShadowLock

      Kitty goin fuck you up! and claw out your eye dawg!

      • ES

        Life is pretty good when you’re easily amused, isn’t it? :)