Jumpin’ Bean, New Mexican Restaurant Slated For Emmons Avenue


Emmons Avenue is about to get a little more caliente, as Jumpin’ Bean, a new Mexican restaurant, is slated to open on the waterfront strip soon.

The business has taken over the storefront of 3081 Emmons Avenue, formerly the home of Marmaris, a Turkish seafood restaurant. It looks like it’s all ready to open its doors but is probably waiting for the proper permits from the city.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Jumpin’ Bean. We couldn’t be happier to see a little more diversity in our already diverse culinary scene. And we sure hope to see you in next year’s A Taste of Sheepshead Bay!


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  2. Save your time and money, go someplace else. Waited a half hour for the main course only to find it was given to someone else! Offered me nachos as a consolation. When I got my order there was hardly any meat in it. I already had two damn servings waiting for the food all I needed was more chips. And what do you think they surrounded the platter with? Yup, more chips. Prime time on a Friday night and the place was near empty. Kind of tells you where it’s at. This place will be closed for business by the end of the summer.

  3. JumpinFarAway on

    Agreed, this place was terrible and overpriced. The dip sampler sauces were all straight out of a can! I give this place a month before it closes.

  4. Disappointed on

    I ORDERED FROM JUMPING BEAN AND I HAVE NEVER TASTED SUCH DISGUSTING FOOD. WE HAD TO THROW IT ALL OUT. I WOULDN’T FEED IT TO A DOG. I HAVE NEVER EVER EVER WRITTEN A REVIEW AND I EAT OUT A LOT BUT THIS IS A DISGRACE. SHAME ON YOU JUMPING BEAN management. I was looking forward to this restaurant opening so much. who is the chef in that kitchen?????? Are you all on drugs or drunk??? Please close and let a real Mexican restaurant open.

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  6. OMG!!!!! This is soooo cool! I hope it is good. Hate going all the way to Tequila Sunrise in Bayside, although it rocks the house. Finally, a restaurant that won’t have a sushi sign in the window!!! Now we need a really good BBQ joint.

  7. Can Lionis open up shop in the area? We have Mexican (I know authentic) now can we have the best hero makers in Brooklyn too?

  8. I’m glad this restaurant is opening there, we need a Mexican restaurant, and best of luck to them…. I don’t understand the objection to Starbucks from everyone. I would say we need one (just one!) in Sheepshead Bay, closest one is Brighton 8th or so. One should open somewhere on Emmons, I think it’s the perfect spot.

  9. I don’t remember when there was a Taco Bell in that spot, but I didn’t live in the nabe — back then, I lived in Canarsie.
    As for Starbucks, I don’t know if I agree that it wouldn’t work on Emmons. There’s a bit of a ‘cafe culture’ if you will, and I think a bigger Starbucks, perhaps with parking, could work on Emmons. If you go just by the prices of some restaurants on Emmons, there certainly seems to be disposable income here …
    Sheepshead Bay Road would work, just by the proximity to the subway, but it would likely be a smaller store, sans parking.

  10. That’s what I wanna know. Back in the day (like 1999-2000) it was actually Taco Bell.

    And I don’t mean to disappoint, but no Starbucks coming to Emmons Ave. anytime soon because that’s just a bad location for a Starbucks, wouldn’t work. Maybe Sheepshead Bay Rd, but not Emmons Ave.

  11. Brightonresident on

    What we really need are some Seafood Restaurants. Like the ones that made the Bay famous!!!

  12. ScarlettOhara777 on

    I’ve been saying for years that sheepshead bay needs a good Mexican restaurant. I really hope they’re good! I will definitely be there to try it! (Although I’m not a fan of the name…..)

  13. I hope they’re good — a decent Mexican restaurant would be a welcome addition to the sea of Turkish restaurants on Emmons. Now, if we could get a Starbucks on Emmons Ave, it would be awesome!
    Speaking of Emmons Ave. establishments, what is going on with the old DD lot, that has had a ‘Masal Seaside Cafe Coming Soon’ sign, for years?

  14. SheepsheadBayer on

    So much fun to get drunk in a Mexican restaurant. Must be those deceptively strong, pearly-colored Margaritas.

  15. barkingspider07 on

    I love mexican. I hope the food is good because the only real mexican restaurant in the area (on Avenue U) is awful. Indian food? It stinks like dirty diapers. If they ever open one on Emmons, I hope it is down on the other end by Cherry Hill – with their stinky dumpsters, you’ll never notice the smells from an Indian joint. Sorry Bay Resident, with all the Indian Places in Brighton, we don’t need one here.

  16. barkingspider07 on

    I LOVE MEXICAN!!!! YAY!! I hope that the food is good there. The only real mexican restaurant in the area, on Avenue U is awful.

  17. Mexican? On Emmons? Finally! Now if only someone can open up an Indian place we’ll be good to go.

    Fingers tightly crossed that its not terrible, that they deliver (preferably via GrubHub or Seemless), and that they stay open for more than a year.

    Hear that Jumpin’ Bean? I’m willing to give you a pass on the name if you’re at least somewhat decent and do delivery.