Hurricane Hate Crime! Swastikas Found In Hurricane Aftermath


How sick and stupid can people be? Sick and stupid enough to brave the elements of Hurricane Sandy just to paint swastikas around the neighborhood, apparently.

The one above was photographed by reader Alex P., on the side of Z Best Car Wash (2784 Coney Island Avenue).


  • Crazymoroz

    Who ever did it needs to get shot. This is very sad that during a tough time when people are recovering and cleaning up after the hurricane some punk did this.

    • Person

      Shot? You really are crazy as your name implies.

    • Johhny Rebel

      Typical Northerners thinking people should be shot for having a different opinion.

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  • a good neighbor

    this establishment is not even jewish owned, correct?

  • Aryan Brotherhood

    everyone knows that the Jews were really behind this hurricane

    • Zantedeschia

      I take it you’re ironising antisemitism?

  • Leave it up, find the criminal, and make him wash it up….. During the next blizzard.

  • OrlyRad

    With so many jews posting swastikas recently, it has lost its shock value.

  • er

    large scale looting in coney island. google coney island looting.

    • MyBrooklyn

      Yes indeed looting took place in coney island area from projects tenants

  • Josh

    That’s been there for at least the past 6 months.

    • AP

      No, i live around the corner, it wasn’t there before the hurricane.

      • Johhny Rebel

        I painted it. I was in the area and I was tired of the looting on cony island so that is why I did it SIEL HIEL! 88! #KKKSWAG

        • Murry

          J.R. Have you ever been tempted to post your picture here? Just asking.