Hurricane? Good Day For A Swim In Brighton Beach, I Guess


Hurricane? Good Day For A Swim In Brighton Beach!

When Mayor Michael Bloomberg quipped during his press conference this morning that he had heard some surfers took to the waves, I figured it was some urban myth floating around.

Then I found this photo in my inbox from Arthur R., taken on Brighton Beach near Brighton 15th Street.

All I’ve got to say is: Dude, seriously?

  • Arthur Borko

    Silly Ned, That’s a picture of NAMOR! King of Atlantis!

    (It’s not Arthur Curry, cause that dude has Armor)

  • llitvin

    Gary Atlas! He’s a hero! lives in my building.

    • That’s my jogging idol Gary Atlas. Eccentric guy. Great guy. This is what he does.

      • Mzdiana

        Sounds like you and your friend are a few sandwiches shy of a picnic! Get a Life Losers!

    • Mzdiana

      Is it a building for the mentally impaired? Just saying

    • karin duarte

      I’m trying to contact him…do you have any e-mail or phone that I could contact him? thanks!

  • VolunteerEMT

    complete MORON. He is the reason emergency workers risk their lives needlessly. Emergency services have enough work today and tomorrow without having to save pompous idiots like himself.

    • He’s a great guy. He’s not asking for ur help, nor does he deserve it. This is his right.

      • Ann

        You’re ignorant as hell. If something happens to him, or any of the other brain damaged jerks who are showing off by ‘toughing it out’, the emergency services HAVE TO GO AND SAVE HIS SORRY ASS. Get it? That’s how it works. So people who REALLY need services get delays because of idiots like your friend. He’s not a great guy, he’s a selfish jerk.

        • Mzdiana

          Ann you hit the nail on the head! Selfish Jerks! Been watching all evening from the west coast, this is one God Awlful Storm!

      • Mzdiana

        Maybe he’ll drown

  • Ned, I posted awhile ago that u really should interview this guy. He’s one of those guys that define the neighborhood, even tho technically he is Brighton,borders on s. bay

    • Ann

      If by define you mean ‘give a bad name’, you have a point.

    • Mzdiana

      He’s a moron!

  • Psychosis all Night

    i think this guy is going through psychosis

  • Mzdiana

    What an IDIOT! COMPLETE MORON! I hope that if he needs help EMS will not respond to him! Always a NUT JOB looking to make it in the media! I guess all the stuff you hear on TV about B.B. is True, full of Idiots!

  • Mzdiana

    I totally agree with VolunteerEMT! My husband was an Paramedic and Fireman, this is the very type of ignorant behavior that slows down help for those with REAL EMERGENCIES! RIDICULOUS UNDESERVING MORON!

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