Flooding Reported All Around Neighborhood


Taken from Masal Cafe in the Lundy’s building by Rovshan Danilov.

People are reporting that streets, sidewalks and basements all around Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach are flooding. The storm is definitely here, and we’ll be seeing the worst of it over the next couple of hours.

Where we are, near the Sheepshead Bay train station, water has come to levels that I, personally, have never seen it before. And we watched it move up residential blocks at a quick pace. In the three to five minutes we stood outside to watch, the water moved more than 50 feet up the sidewalk.

For now, we’re signing off to attend to the various things we need to attend to. We will only be posting major updates throughout the night, and roundups of damage and flooding will come in the morning. If there’s anything important, we can be reached at (347) 985-0633 or tips@sheepsheadbites.com.

Good luck and be safe, folks.


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  • rpell1

    Can anyone see the water level on Emmons Avenue?

  • sam

    Just as an FYI – We’re dry at the very end of zone A at 22nd st and Y. Let’s hope it stays that way.

    • Booboo

      I’m on 23rd and Y and very grateful that we are dry but all those sparks are making me very nervous.

      • Sam

        Is it a transistor? where is it?

        • Rafi

          I am on 21st between Y and Z. The flooding is about half way up the block now.

  • Ann

    Stay safe. And rpell1, that photo up there is Emmons Avenue, it was taken at the Lundy’s building.

  • Ruth

    I’m at Bedford and Y and so far, no flooding and we have power but theres a tree down on Bedford between Y and Z. It must be blocking the street because cars turning around. I would go out to take a look but I don’t want to be killed by a tree branch.

    • Steve

      My family lives on Bedford and Voorhies… any idea what the situation is over there? I live out of state, can’t get a hold of them and am pretty worried.

      • avi

        I was there 25 minutes ago , water is up to the knee…

  • Wendy

    anyone can give conditions around E17 thru ocean ave and ave z?

    • Avi

      ave Z is flooded (east 26th and Z ) looks like a river , water is rising towards ave Y

      • Lk

        Both e 23 b/w y and z and e 22 b/w y and z look like river

  • Max

    On Voorhis Av and 18th about 1 meter (3.2feet) of water. Lots of power surge sparks.

  • cutiekins

    i’m on 19th, between x and w. so far no flood.

    but my aunt on the other hand, has flooding in the basement. water is coming out from the floor drain. shes on 29th, between x and w.

  • John

    Anybody near 13th and Z that can report what the flooding is looking like there if any?

    • al

      would love an update on that area as well!

      • margie

        East 13 and ave z has a out 4 ft of water my family’s house is on that block they not there but neighbors told us no power and flooded badly

  • ShadowLock

    Anyone smell fire?Or smoke ?

    • RFernandez

      We’re hearing of multiple transformers blowing in the neighborhood. That could explain the smell of smoke

    • Georgia

      Yes I am on Ave X & I smelled something burning also

  • Steve

    Anyone know how Coyle Street by Sheepshead Bay High School is doing?

  • Anna

    Does anybody know how is sheepsheadbay road (by voorhis)?

  • Georgia

    Did anyone hear about the bay comming down the streets past Stop & Shop/
    My neighbor just told me that the water is comming up from the bay towards Ave X?

  • Georgia

    I am on Avenue X & East 17th Street and no flood also

  • student

    Does anyone know the conditions on Batchelder and Ave X??

    • Anna

      I’m on batchelder and v and so far dry

    • Linka

      No flooding here, just some trees are down.

  • Gary

    Ave Y and 17-19th has lots of water, cars are barely able to pass. Anyone around that area?

    • Wendy

      Power still on?

    • Wendy

      Power still on

    • Allie

      Thanks for the update. Keep us informed if possible. Sorry to hear that there’s flooding!

    • Kat

      I live on Y between 19th and ocean. It started as a big puddle around 7:30pm then got bad quick. By 8pm the water was ankle deep, now the water is halfway up on cars. So far so good with the power

      • Gary

        Do you know if the water is approaching X? Do you know if the basements around there are getting flooded? Seems like it’s probably from the storm drains as there’s no more rain.

    • Facrw98

      How bad is there. I left my car at e16th and y, next to the subway.

      • Gary

        I didn’t get down to 16th, didn’t want to risk my car.

  • sam

    Does anyone know the probability of this flooding coming up due to tide? Will it likely go back down before it comes back up by 8am tomorrow (the next high tide?)

    • This is all the result of the high tide…one that many were dreading as what could do real damage.

  • alex groyz

    anyone know about avenue y and east 7th or around that area?

  • Julia

    Neck Road and E.19th is dry, just some leaves, small branches and runaway garbage. Saw a minivan pass the 4 way stop on W and E. 19th with no issue or water.

  • Thea

    I am on Nostrand Ave and Voorhies, all is well here, no flooding and we have lights.

  • allan

    How far up ocean parkway did the water reach

    • I live slightly outside the area, but I’m hearing possibly up to Avenue Y.

  • Eric

    Electricity out in trump building on west 5

  • Vicky

    How high up is the water in Manhattan Beach houses?

    • Paul

      House near Kingsborough, basement flooded to 5 – 6 feet

      • Vicky

        Thanks for the reply.

  • Just saw on my Facebook feed that Mill Basin is getting flooded now. How bad is that storm surge?

  • joe

    live on east 29th between x and y, saw sparks coming from lines on east 28th from ave x to ave y, called 911 about it

  • Anna

    Does anybody knows how is sheepshead road?

  • sarah

    Stuck in Boston for who knowshow long I have three cats at home on Avenue V and 26th…it hasn’t reached that far yet, right?

  • Frank

    Anyone near East 13th and Ave Z know if theres flooding there?

  • Boozik

    E 6 and Y is flooded

  • Abby

    my family is on e 12 by ave x. Does anybody know if there is any flooding there?

  • MCM

    Anyone know about Kingsborough CC?

  • Alen Agaronov

    And to think, Masal is ground-level, unlike some of the nearby businesses such as Sveika and China Buffet.

  • Romezilla

    Hearing fire trucks around ocean ave and P. Smells like there’s a huge fire somewhere nearby? Can anyone confirm?

  • Concern One

    Anyone has update on E17 and Ave Y ?

  • kibbutznik

    Please – can anyone update me on the power and flooding status in Manhattan beach? Thanks and be safe!

    • theUrbanographer

      I’d like to know too. Anyone know how the dead end blocks of Manhattan Beach are doing? i.e. Corbin and Oriental?

  • Lauren

    Have family that lives on Ave X bw E 7th and Coney Island Ave. We can’t get in touch with them. Anyone have any helpful info on that area, please?

  • Amespi

    Can anyone tell me how Manhattan Beach by kingsborough CC is doing? Thank u

  • Tabitha Kazcynski

    Does anyone know if there was any flooding of homes on East 26th Street between Voorhies and Avenue Z?