This just in from Notify NYC:

UPDATE: 10/29/12 09:21 PM. Go indooors immediately and remain inside. DO NOT DRIVE. Call 9-1-1 for emergencies only.

Alert issued 10/29/12 08:00 PM. Due to severe storm conditions, all NYC residents are being instructed to go indoors immediately and to remain indoors until further notice. Go indoors, and stay away from windows. Only use 9-1-1 for emergencies.

Sheepshead Bites is reporting from what we hope is higher ground. The main office is almost underwater and Ned is dealing with keeping things dry. We’ll be posting when we can and will bring you whatever important information we can.

Don’t go outside, but keep sending your updates to tips@sheepsheadbites.com.

Please – be smart – stay inside. Stay safe.


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  • sam

    Super pissed. A family with a dog and a little boy were walking down 22nd st towards Y telling people to pack up and leave because the water is coming. He’s creating panic in the nighborhood and the water has not even hit 22nd and Y yet. He even spooked me a bit. So frustrated that SO many people are walking outside. There are more people out tonight than if it were just a regular monday night.

    • Ann

      You’re supposed to leave BEFORE the water hits.

  • ShadowLock

    Soooo many fire trucks! Think something happened!

  • subway stinker

    It’s 10 p.m. and all I hear are sirens. I think much of the commotion is due to lack of evacuation cooperation by folks living in the Zone A. Check out the 60 Pct, I think it is submerged. By the way, it takes more than a schuck with a dog to panic me. But thanks for the tip.

    • Ann

      I’m not sure what your comment is. Pro or anti evacuation?

  • subway stinker

    2800 east 29, two alarm fire. Multiple injuries. that is why we hear so many sirens tonight at 1002 p.m.

  • how far has the water gone? Does anyone know

    • Zantedeschia

      My mother, over at Manhattan Beach, told me 45 mins ago the water had gone *down* 6-12 inches. But from quite a high point.

  • Dmitry

    For the last 2 weeks It’s been a nightmare of noise that never quits on West End Avenue and Oriental Blvd.