Coney Island Hospital Is NOT On Fire


BREAKING NEWS: 10:21 PM This just over the radio – report of main building of Coney Island Hospital is on fire. Units are trying to respond but are reporting that streets surrounding the hospital are flooded and un-passable.

EDIT: 10:31 PM. FDNY is reporting that Coney Island Hosptial is surrounded by “three to four feet of water.”

EDIT: 10:33 PM. Reader James W is reporting that “Ocean Parkway from Ave W south as far as I can see, is flooded. There is a huge emergency response.”

EDIT: 10:41 PM. FDNY is reporting that they are unable to access Coney Island Hospital at this time. Dispatch responded with “no boats available.”

EDIT: 10:50 PM. Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny is reporting on Facebook, that the fire is currently unconfirmed.

EDIT: 11:20 PM. The FDNY has just tweeted “units are on scene at Coney Island Hospital. No confirmed fire or reports of injuries at this time.”

EDIT: 11:43 PM. Reader Lisa P writes in, “spoke with a friend working there tonight. It was a car fire outside and they put it out with fire extinguishers. They are w/o power and working off generators.” Reader Jennifer R writes, “I was worried to death for my mom, i just called her and they actually had signal. Apparently the power went out and the fire is from an outside car and NOT from inside of the building, thank you for scaring me.”

Sorry for the scare Jennifer.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

  • White Troll

    If only they had “Big Gulp” cups to fill with water to douse the flames.

    • slapchop

    • jay

      hilarious but totally misplaced.

  • AZ

    Not good. My parents are just few blocks away from the hospital. Phones do not work. They should be OK on the second floor, but I still worry.

  • You guys are doing an awesome job on the coverage. Keep safe all!

  • Patients are being evacuated out of NYU hospital due to the blackout/backup generators failing. This is a disaster.

  • Impeach Bloomberg. He’s lying about the estimates – flooding was expected!

    • Was he supposed to pick up Coney Island and move it? Take your political agenda elsewhere. The city was as prepared as they could be for this storm and Bloomberg is doing a good job.

      • Booboo

        Bloomberg put the lives of many city workers at risk today by ordering non essential workers to report to their jobs. He is NOT doing a good job.

  • Is it really on fire?
    Any one confirm?

    • Lisa P

      Car fire outside the building. building is fine but w/o power. Using generators.

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  • Jane

    does anybody know the status in e7 and montauk ave if the water reached there and by how much

  • Flatbush Depot


  • avi

    can I volunteer any how?

  • Ann

    From the FDNY twitter feed: FDNY [email protected]

    #FDNY units are on scene at Coney Island Hospital. No confirmed fire or reports of injuries at this time.


  • Boris

    I live a block away but I definitely smell smoke

    • Lisa P

      Car fire

  • Lisa

    I just spoke with a friend who is working there tonight. No fire in Coney Island Hospital’s building. It was a car outside and it is out now.

    • jaciern

      Does anyone know if they are still taking patients or are they evacuated?

  • Ruslan

    Its a car fire. I have family in the building across the street.

    • Lisa P

      Confirmed by my friend in the building as well – no building fire thank goodness!

  • Lisa P

    There is NO fire in Coney Island Hospital. I just spoke with a friend who is working there tonight. They have no power and are working off generators. There was a car fire outside and it is out now.

  • Graves

    If there’s no fire then why do I smell heavy smoke on ocean pkwy and avenue R?

    • Natalie

      I also smell heavy smoke on avenue X and east 17 i think there is a big fire ….i hope people was evacuated

    • Kevin P.

      I’m near Avenue R and East 13th Street. About 10 minutes ago I smelled smoke from a north-facing window and heard several fire trucks. I’ve got no view to see what’s going on, though.

  • davidm

    I smell smoke by avenue t and ocean parkwayfor the last 3 hours. That would come from a car fire? must be something bigger

  • JKR

    Ave Z (I think) is clear for NYFD to get to the hospital

  • OJ

    How far has the water gone? My girlfriend lives off ave w and I can’t get in touch with her. I’m worried sick

  • AJ

    my sister works in the hospital…I just got a text from her…hospital generator is back up again…it was flooded with water earlier but its ok now…they evacuated the ER patients to higher level floors due to the flood……it seems everything is under control in the hospital

  • Nate

    You should really change the headline.

  • Vanessa W.

    My 96 year old grandma lives in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, does anyone have any info on the area??? Between 20th and 21st ave???

  • Is it possible we were smelling smoke from Breezy Point over here?

  • So, Ned, Robert, can you please fix your headline? Because when googling, it looks like you are still reporting breaking news that the hospital is on fire.

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