Army Corps: Plumb Beach Will Be Prepared For Hurricane Sandy


Trucks move freshly pumped sand around Plumb Beach (Source: New York District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Flickr)

Almost immediately after it became clear that Hurricane Sandy, and its alter-ego the Frankenstorm, could come ashore in Long Island or New York City, we reached out to the Army Corps of Engineers to see how work is coming along at Plumb Beach, and if it will withstand the hit.

Army Corps contractors are in the middle of the first stage of sand replenishment at Plumb Beach, where they’re pumping 127,000 cubic yards of sand to restore the heavily eroded beach. With the hurricane slated to hit us before work is completed, we feared that loose sand could be washed away, taking the project a few steps back – and that the Belt Parkway is still at risk.

Not so, according to the Army Corps of Engineers. They say work is coming along nicely, and the most vulnerable areas have already been reshored, protecting the Belt Parkway.

“We’ve actually finished more than half of the sand placement, and are in the process of deploying the temporary geotube groin,” said project manager Dan Falt. “We’re done in the section of the beach that received the most erosion. We will be prepared for the storm, and the sand should do it’s job and protect the Belt Parkway.”

Now let’s just pray the rest of us are just as prepared.


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  • nolastname

    They are doing a great job but….unless those jetties and boulders are in place everyone better keep their fingers crossed. ALL those thousands of qubic feet of sand is spit in a bucket to Mother Nature.

    • nolastname


      • I still would like to see the3 parkway totally elevated.

  • nolastname

    PS. Key word “should”.

  • Kool4Coney

    when we heard that Sandy was headed our way the first thing we thought of was the reconstruction going on at Plumb beach. Hope they are right about this holding… and I also hope Manhattan beach doesnt become a swimming poll again. what IS it with weird weather around Halloween? Last year at this very same time we had a freak early SNOW STORM

    • JR

      when did MB become a swimming pool?

  • ohhhhhsheeeeit


  • ohhhhhsheeeeit

    plumb beach NEVER flooded but it makes for a good photo opp….if they are worried they would sand up 11N around the Golf Course….we don’t need more drAma…save that fo yo momma

  • JR

    plumb beach should have never been replaced in the 1st place. Now Sandy will wash away the sand the corp. replaced… What a waste of tax dollars

  • NI51965

    The city should have built a seawall when the Belt was first constructed.

    • JR

      quite true although that would have gone against Robert Moses’ dream plan of miles of beaches… Also now with the global sea rise being much faster than previous decades, a sea wall today makes no sense since you’re building for a forecasted height but who really knows when that height will be breached…

  • Richie

    Plum Beach is known as a gay hook-up cruise area for sex.However,lately it has been dead.It was ignored for decades and only the last few years re-looked at as a nice local little beach haven.It was cleaned up nicely but still vulnerable to storm damage.It is low lying with no sea wall to protect it.It needs reconstruction efforts to fortify it against monster storms like Sandy in the future. Bring back the hot gay cruising,too !

  • And it was. Job well done Guys/Gals. Sorry I doubted your efforts if even for a minute.