Snoop Dogg Sippin’ On Cranberry Juice (Sans Gin) On Emmons Avenue


Source: dodge challenger1 via Wikimedia Commons

Real estate is booming in Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay. How is that measured? By way of celeb sightings, of course. Well, that and the fact that the sales of condos in the area continue to grow.

In a recent post by Crain’s New York, real estate agents and business owners came forward to say that, though times are still challenging, the market has significantly picked up – at least in Southern Brooklyn.

“Everyone is making a very good living here,” said Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo.

All but one of the 19 $750,000 two-bedroom condos at La Mer Villas at 2908-36 Emmons Avenue have sold. Delton Cheng, real estate agent with Century 21 Homefront in Sheepshead Bay, mentioned that he has sold 10 units at Bay Breeze at 3163 Emmons Avenue.

“These are trying times for everyone,” he stated. “But sales around here keep picking up.”

At Club OPM, 3202 Emmons Avenue, promoter and manager Ron Raykin says that he sees more than 500 patrons on a typical weekend. He’s also seen Rick Ross and Drake there too.

“It looks a lot more like South Beach than it does south Brooklyn,” Raykin said.

Most recently, Snoop Dogg himself (or, as he’d like to now be referred, “Snoop Lion”) paid OPM a visit.

The kind host that he is, Raykin offered Snoop a bottle of bubbly, to which Snoop said he’d rather have some cranberry juice.

“I didn’t know what was weirder,” said Mr. Raykin. “That Snoop Dogg was drinking cranberry juice, or that he was partying in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.”

Perhaps Snoop really has gone the way of the natural mystic Rastafari. Either that or he’s on the wagon. Wonder who will visit us next? Here’s hoping for the queen of hip hop herself, Alla Pugacheva. Speaking of, why haven’t Pugacheva and Snoop Lion had a duet yet?

[Bites lead blogger Erica pipes in and says it would be like the “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” of the 21st century.]

  • applegreen

    HAHA! The last part  – Well said! 

  • Georgia

    How can people afford these?

  • ShadowLock

    Ohhh Snap!

  • Sheepshead Bay is becoming THE neighborhood. Even the hipsters are coming.

    • Georgia

      I have not seen this truck in a long, long time

      •  I think that this is definitely a sign of things to come.

  • I never knew what that OPM was, thanks….  The economy is supposedly so bad, but everywhere I go by or hear that is expensive  is packed with people. I walked Columbus Avenue Manhattan a couple back, and all those expensive restaurants were overflowing with people. Now I hear this in my own neighborhood. What gives? Is the 1% really the 10% or something?

    •  OWS is a little bit naive. They thought the second 9% could be convinced that they had a lot in common with the lower 70%.

    • Some people just attend fancy, expensive events to escape their problems, even if they cannot afford it (it’s not unheard of for people to go into debt, trying to live a high class social life).

  • Who Dat?

    Didn’t you hear? Akselrod invited him to the Negrohood!

  • Flatbush Depot

    Snoop Lion is a bit suspect; I do not know if the same holds true for Drake and Rick Ross. As long as none of these people or any others cause any ish to pop off (especially in SB or anywhere near it), I have no objections to them hanging around SB

  • Neptune

    Drop it like its HOT

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  • Apd

    This has gotta be b.s…..there’s really no reason for snoop to hang out at Opm…the place has absolutely nothing to offer for the guy.

    • Eric311

      He was paid to show up