Photos: Accident On East 19th Street, Avenue W


A two-car collision occurred on East 19th Street and Avenue W at around noon today, resulting in one very messed up Lexus.

Nolastname provided the photos and the following tip:

the Black Lexus was traveling north on e19, The buick was traveling west on W. Buick was traveling fast and ran stop sign.

Notice the damage to the buick. I said to the owner of the lexus I can’t believe it crumbled like that. He said they are built like that, crumble zones.

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  • a good neighbor

    similar accident happened around that area awhile ago. people generally blow through the stop sign. 

    • nolastname

      One of the accidents (monthly) involved 2 women. I took pics because the stop sign for e to w traffic was missing for a while.  I put my camera down and went to get a pen.  Camera walked. 
      Funny thing is, all the pics in the camera were from a 61 pct. affair. The thief probably ditched it real quick.

  • ShadowLock

    Dash Cam!

    Dash Cam!!!

    DO IT!

    •  Home? They were trying to get to the red light before anyone else!

  • Georgia

    There are 4 corner stop signs by Ave W and East 19 Ave X and East 17th and Ave X and East 19th Street. People who are driving should be aware unless they are driving with their eyes closed or texing & not paying attention. Their are quit a few in the neighborhood now. A very dangrous corner is Ave W and East 16th Street. To make the left turn you must go into almost the middle of the street to see if another car is coming. Trees are in the way covering the sign now that is another issue. A few seconds could save a barrel of headachs & could save a life.

  • Reader

    Not much of an “accident” if someone ran a stop sign. More like the inevitable consequence of breaking the law.

  • Kon

    Why the fuck do so many drivers insit on breaking traffic laws in New York? The driver who ran the stop sign should be repeatedly punched in the balls.