Open Thread: A Taste Of Sheepshead Bay 2012



Hailed as “the biggest tasting this side of the East River,” A Taste of Sheepshead Bay is Southern Brooklyn’s premier food event.

Organized by Sheepshead Bites ( and sponsored by Il Fornetto Restaurant (, A Taste of Sheepshead Bay features 20 restaurants teaming up to serve samples of their best dishes to hundreds of locals.

Some of last year’s scrumptious offerings included lamb shank over truffled mashed potatoes, handmade lamb samsa, Peruvian ceviche, stuffed mussels, Peking duck, an assortment of gourmet chocolates and sweets, clams corona, frozen yogurt, specialty burgers, wings and so much more.

In all, there were approximately 60 dishes to be tried from restaurants including Randazzo’s Clam Bar, Il Fornetto, Coney Island Taste, JoMart Chocolates, Chop Stix, Arbuz, Tete a Tete and many more.

The event takes place at 7 p.m. at Baron De Kalb Knights of Columbus at 3000 Emmons Avenue (corner of Nostrand Avenue).

A fully stocked cash bar will be open. Live music will be playing.

Limited valet parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tickets purchased online are $25. Admission at the door is $35.


Participating Restaurants include:
Il Fornetto
Wheelers Bar & Restaurant
Nargis Cafe
Tete a Tete
Sushi Mikasa
Masal Cafe
& many more!


  1. I wouldn’t join you in saying “it stinks”, but I was indeed surprised by the high praise of this place I read here. I stopped going there years ago because only the prices matched the expectations. The food didn’t. Not that it was bad, but it was just ordinary. We found no reason to keep going there are such prices. We do frequent expensive restaurants when the food is better than just okay. (example, Tatiana’s on the boardwalk – very expensive, but fantastic food, and can’t beat the view).

  2. IlFornettoStinks on

    All I can say that my eating experience at Il Fornetto was not pleasant.  I was there with a party of 5.  The food was over priced, the portions small.  Maybe it was a good thing that the portion sizes were small, cause the food was AWFUL!!!!!!

    Everyone in this party was very disappointed and would never ever go to Il Fornetto again and would let others know about this awful, over priced restaurant.

    The only thing that was enjoyable was watching the ducks.  It was dark out, so, it was kind of hard to see the garbage floating in the bay.

  3. As to the upcoming, A Taste Of Sheepshead Bay 2012 , if it’s anywhere as good as the first event…
    People of Sheepshead Bites Kingdom just go buy your tickets,  it’s the bomb.  Huge assortment of abundant foods and arrays of choices from the Bay’s best and some unheralded restaurants and dessert shops, friendly atmosphere, live music playing, casual feeling.  Question: I see that the ordering process forces me to go through my Facebook account to end up at the ticket order page –  wattup with that?  Me no like that.  Why that?

  4. This loquacious little jackrabbit Bruce needs a open thread of his own;  perhaps a nice desert island with internet service?                      

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  6. On a lighter note, I would like to note that Marion Ross (“Mrs Cunningham”) was in a 1958 episode of Perry Mason, and she was beautiful!

  7. Since it’s an open thread, I”m going to state my “rude behavior” of the week story.

    It’s quite simple and occurred at the Bally’s gym. I jogged 2 times around the track. The third time, suddenly, in the middle of the track, is a dumbbell. No, not the guy who left it, but the actual dumbbell, about a 5-pounder.

       How can a person POSSIBLY be this rude and inconsiderate as to leave an iron dumbbell in the middle of a track? The thoughtlessness of this act is just mind-boggling to me. And it was left right near the entrance to the track, on the track. Someone could have climbed the stairs and tripped on it getting on the track. Also, not everyone is always looking down when they walk/run. I’m lucky I wasn’t “zoned-out” as I sometimes am when jogging on that track (it’s a small track, pretty boring to run on).

        I wish the dumbbell who left the dumbbell would have a dumbbell fall on his head.

  8. As Hoagy Carmichael once wrote:

       “If I’m not in the clink
        and there’s something to drink
        you can tell ’em, I’ll be there.”  

        (In The Cool,Cool,Cool of the Evening).

        Late Bulletin: Hoagy wrote the music but not the lyrics to this.