Morning Mug: Birth Of A Meme


Another addition to our ever-expanding “abandoned stuffed animals on the streets of Sheepshead Bay” collection.

From the photographer:

Saw this “hangdog ” fella’ on Avenue X this morning [Ed. — “this morning” = the morning of August 20]. Not sure if he’s so sad because he can’t open the garbage bag, or if he seems to be in solitary!

Photo by Steve

  • nolastname

    Great shot, I like the angle of the gate. Was this on Ave X?
    Yep, I see it is where “Green Tweety” was. LOL

    • Georgia

      Yep I think your right. I remember that also

  • nolastname

    “Some” people find uses for discarded comfort friends.

  • Allan Rosen

    Just look what I started by taking a picture of that bear.