Morning Mug: Bay Impressionism


If Claude Monet lived in Sheepshead Bay, he may have painted something that looks very similar to this.

Photo by Stan Kaplan

  • Tinman

    If the French Impressionist painter lived in Sheepshead Bay he’d be 182 years old and likely too frail to lift a paintbrush–though a miracle of modern science! LOL
    Nice shot, Mr. Kaplan!

    • ES

      OK, so maybe I should have clarified: If Claude Monet had been born in the mid-late part of the 20th century and lived in Sheepshead Bay…

      There. Imagination wins again!

      • Anon

        If Claude Monet was born in the mid-late part of the 20th century he’d likely not have been a French impressionist. He’d probably be a post-modernist or urban graffiti artist.

        Now if Claude Monet survived time travele to 2009 from around 1915, was given about 3 years to become accustomed with the future and settled in Sheepshead Bay… he might have painted something like this ;)

        Now imagine what he’d paint if he was transported to hipster-ville Bushwick instead. That’s a movie right there.

  • Hello Dali

    If Claude Monet lived in Sheepshead Bay he would have impaled himself with his own paintbrush.

    • ES

      It’s no Giverny, that’s for sure.

  • brooklynq

    Great shot Stan!

  • EndofDaze

    Poignant Shot! We are fortunate to live in such an idyllic nautical part of Brooklyn, that in essence, most people don’t appreciate, or even realize is there!

    • ES

      My favorite quote of the day. Nicely said there, EndofDaze.

    • nolastname

      I wish, they realize it is here and want to change it. Bulldoze and rebuild, lose the fishing fleet, dirty it up and sell a condo. 
      It was much more of an idyllic neighborhood before they knocked down the Queen Ann’s on Emmons and built nursing homes and condos. 

  • Kool4Coney

    every time I wonder why we live so far away from manhattan I see a picture like this and wonder no more :)