• Tinman

    Once in a blue moon
    There’s a thing called happiness
    It happens when you’re in
    A state of natural grace
    When the grass is growing
    All around the fence
    And you get that happy feeling
    Everything starts making sense
    And you get so lucky
    That you can’t go wrong
    Once in a blue moon
    (Van Morrison)

    • Please, please, this is the Blue Moon song to quote. Rodgers & Hart, man!

      Blue Moon
      You saw me standing alone
      Without a dream in my heart
      Without a love of my own
      Blue Moon
      You know just what I was there for
      You heard me saying a prayer for
      Someone I really could care for

      • Which version?

        Don’t say the Marcels, please. It works best as a ballad.

        • There’s a version from Ella, but I have a jazz version (no vocals) featuring the immortal Coleman Hawkins that is just beautiful. I like doowop but, yeah, that is musical blasphemy indeed.
          Hey Lisa, on another subject, ran into David Hankin by boardwalk yesterday. Looking good and healthy I’m proud to report.

          •  Ian Tyson did a version of it abut 10 years ago that was bouncy but true to its roots.

            I remember David. I haven’t seen him since high school.

  • Great photo…. Why the heck is that stupid Astrotower a landmark. It’s so damned ugly, doesn’t deserve landmark status, and makes Luna Park that much uglier. Wish it could be torn down. It was a lousy ride too.

    • nolastname

      You guys are great. Tinman and Bruce.
      I thought the tower would have fallen over by now. Check out the sway margin.

      • nolastname


        • nolastname

          Ugh, I am being punished, Discus wont let me edit my own stuff and I have to introduce myself each comment. Ball breaking piece of crap.

      • nolastname

        NOW it works. Damn.

      • Holy spit, i didn’t know it swayed. I hope it comes down. Without injuring any person or property of course, but if that thing came down, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

    • Yes, it is ugly. And as a ride uninspired. But a lot of people I know have very fond memories of it. So I suppose there must be something special about it that neither of us understand.

      • nolastname

        Just thinking of the photos…..The tornados, that huge storm cloud, all the event in C.I. and every sunrise/sunset in every color you can imagine. I would pay by the hour for photo shoots. Surprised Bloomshit hasn’t thought of the $$$$$ aspect.
        Imagine renting it by the day,night or week.

        •  There is the explanation and the reason it is still there.

    • applegreen

      Hey, I ALWAYS wanted to go on that thing as a kid. 

  • nolastname

    Got it, I think.

    • Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

      I think not.

  • nolastname

    Amanda it is a good shot, imagine taking it from the tower! Granted the tower would not be in it but I would like to have the opportunity to take pics from up there.
    Shadow, your spot is close but no prize the tower would be best. lol

    • Roeroe

      you should see her video its on you tube sheepsheadbay pirates

    • One could climb the parachute jump and take the picture, not that i’m advocating that. There’s a whole history of people climbing the parachute jump. I know someone who did it.