Leon Goldstein H.S. Named Best High School In Brooklyn


Source: csfllc.com

Leon Goldstein High School for the Sciences is ranked as the best high school in Brooklyn by the newly unveiled U.S. News & World Report rankings.

Goldstein’s science and math-based education, along with their healthy dose or arts and extracurricular activities not only earned them a spot as Brooklyn’s best, but they’re also New York City’s’s 11th best high school and, statewide, they rank 34th.

“Our goal is to prepare students for academic excellence in college — and to create caring and productive citizens,” principal Joseph Zaza told the New York Daily News.

Goldstein, located at 1830 Shore Boulevard, is considered an A-rated school that boasts a 96 percent graduation rate, with graduates bee-lining for Ivy League universities such as Cornell and Princeton. And, to see just how far the school’s alumni go, look no further than our masthead: Ned Berke graduated from Goldstein.

The focus on science has resulted in a high-tech computer lab on every floor and specialized labs for chemistry, biology and physics.

That’s not to say that the arts are underrated at the school. There are film, photography and many other types of humanities classes and clubs available.

Further, the 1,600 students may utilize next door neighbor Kingsborough Community College’s libraries, galleries and other facilities. They can also take classes that contribute to their college transcripts while still in high school.

“Whatever you want to do, you can do it at Goldstein,” said Miranda Young, a senior.


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  • Anon

    Isn’t this the high school for math and science that was cutting its math and science program?

    Also to put into perspective, not ranked due to errors:
    Brooklyn Technical HS (which would rank higher)
    Midwood HS (which would rank just below)

  • JR

    1. Zaza isn’t principal anymore
    2. When I went to LMG I was one out of a handful if that who utilized Kingsborough’s library… I’m sure that ratio hasn’t changed much

    • When I went to LMG (nee, Kingsborough HS), lots of kids used the KCC library. Mainly because they figured out how to get the photocopiers to return a quarter when you put in a nickel. ;)

      • And what year are you?

        • JR


      • Joe

        Oh the truth to this statement….

  • EndofDaze

    This is all well and good, and congratulations should be extended to the students, staff, parents, Mr. Zaza, and environment, the school sits in. However, it should be remembered , that this is a selective, uniquely located school, and as manager Walter Alston was once asked during the late 1940’s and 1950’s, why his Brooklyn Dodgers were constantly National League Champions, and always gave the Yankees a run for their money, he responded simply, “That if you give me the kind of players that fill our clubhouse, I’ll give you the Champions”!…Additionally, we need to put the emphasis, on improving our local schools, stop shipping our children all around the city, and try to return to a sense of community, when the overwhelming majority of our Public Schools, especially in southern Brooklyn, were the jewel of the nation, Public or Private!!! 

  • a good neighbor

    i would rather my kids go here than brooklyn tech. 

  • barkingspider07

    Are we sure that this is one of the best schools?  Several years ago, on of my neighbors bought her kid a place in this “excellent” school.  The kid was a real dumbass, who used to brag that he/she “scored a 23” on his test – many more times than once.  The kid is now a young adult and a total loser.  Hate to speak like this, but it is the truth.  

    • applegreen

      Schools arent magicians, sometimes its up to the kid to do something about it. You can go to the worst school in the city and still come out on top. you could go to Stuyvesant and come out a bum – ( i.e. miami cannibal victim) 

  • When did this school start? I assume after 1970 or I assume I woulda been interested in going

    • mid-90s. I want to say 95, but I’m not entirely sure. I was in one of the first classes, when it was still in the temporary buildings, which is one of the reasons the school appealed to me over Tech or Murrow.

      • Local Broker

        First year was 93-94 i believe.

    • Sheepy B

       The first year was 93. The first graduation was 97.

  • danielle bonsignore

    I currently attend this school as a senior, and i have to say i absolutely love it. It is the best high school any one can attend. With it being such a small school, the teachers get to know you personally and everyone gets along. There are also a variety of different clubs to join, and the athletic teams are exceptionally good for a small school. I highly recommend it.

    • JR

      tell your brother hi

  • AIG_Quant

    all the cool kids including myself went here. class of 03.

    • Omegajsound

      Class of 05.

      Some of the best times of my life so far have been in that school. Thanks to Virtual Enterprise class, Mr Fanning, Mr. Duffy, Ms. Z, Mr. Del Re, and of course Mr. Zaza. It shapped me into a very successful individual and greatly prepared me for some very very difficult couple of years that followed soon after graduation. Go LMG!!!

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  • first KCC gets best community college in the north and now this? does anyone else smell a scandal?  I wonder whos getting paid to make this fake ass awards :D