Tattoo Kulture has opened up at 2631 Coney Island Avenue, taking the former home of Kastattoo.

Kastattoo closed sometime at the end of July or early August (differing dates stated on its Facebook page and web page) after a two-year stint in the neighborhood. According to the business’ website, Kastattoo will open up in new digs, but no new location is announced.

As for Tattoo Kulture, they at least saved some money, leaving much of the storefront the way it was and even using essentially the same sign, with just the name, phone and URL altered.

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  • ShadowLock

    Looks more like a Name Change…….

    Did something happen there we should know about?

    Like this maybe?

    • Andreynyc

      I dont think thats the case….I know this guy…

  • Bklyn735

    They should’ve also updated the sign to correct the spelling of PIERCINGS.

    • ShadowLock


      Spell check is such an amazing tool…. *sigh

    • Brooklynne

      Think before you ink!

  • nauticalstar

    Buy one get one free of what? Either way, eehhhhhh.