Cymbrowitz Beats Akselrod By Narrow Margin


Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz eked out a primary victory yesterday, defeating Ben Akselrod by a narrow margin and moving ahead to a rare general election battle.

Cymbrowitz earned 244 votes more than his opponent, a margin of just seven percent of the 3,304 votes cast in the election. Cymbrowitz garnered 53.7 percent versus Akselrod’s 46.3 percent, according to results published by the New York Times.

Brooklyn Daily was at the Highway Democratic Club’s election night party, and here’s the scene they described:

Tensions were high at the High-Way Democratic Club’s results party on McDonald Avenue as Community Board 15 chairwoman Teresa Scavo called out the results as they trickled in.

Cymbrowitz appeared confident as he thanked friends and supporters, but left his own party before the vote was called, and refused to speculate on the outcome.

“I think we’re going to have to wait until all the votes are counted,” Cymbrowitz said, refusing to comment further.

Akselrod a former CB15 district manager, would not comment or concede, claiming that the vote was too close to call.

Cymbrowitz will now face off against Republican Russ Gallo in November’s general elections.


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  • oh, i thought akselrod was a republican and the election was in november! I still wouldn’t have voted for him. 

    •  He is, but just hasn’t realized it yet.

  • Let’s wait a day. I see a recount demand.

    This is the lowest turnout for a significant primary I can recall. Of course, assembly primaries in these parts have never been considered significant.

  • Khalil718

    Bottom line. Results show not many people are happy with cymbrowitz if he only won by such a slim margin.

    •  Bottom line: Nobody gives a damn about primaries.

      • Khalil718

        3,304 = nobody?

        • levp

          Following this logic, 244 people is a pretty significant margin of victory.

          • Khalil718

             this was the closest of all of yesterdays primaries

          • levp

            Not so.  Please see:

            Stephen M. Saland Incumbent 4,969 50.2%
            Neil A. Di Carlo 4,927 49.8  
            Margin: 42 votes

            Kathleen A. Marchione 6,817 50.5%
            Roy J. McDonald Incumbent 6,679 49.5  
            Margin: 138 votes

            Kyle Roddey 1,317 51.8%
            Colin Schmitt 1,224 48.2  
            Margin: 93 votes

        • Compared to the number of registered voters, yes. Compared to the number of voters that show up at general  elections, yes.

      • I give a damn about the primaries.  The local elections are terribly significant in terms of state law, city law and all aspects of neighbrohood policies.  The primary elections, even for people who are one-party voters, are crucial because they decide the fates of your choices of candidates come November.

        As an aside, I think it would have been better to have kept the primary on Tuesday; what better way to illuminate 9/11 than to encourage all the citizens to vote!

        • You are of a small minority. I certainly voted as well. But we are not typical of voters in this area.

        • RCALIE2367

          I totally agree with you about how primaries matter.  Problem this year was that we had primaries in June and now in September.  We need one primary in June for all offices.  I’m glad that Cymbrowitz won and hope he defeats Gallo who was going from polling site to polling site last night letting people know who he was – is this allowed?

          • Steve Koenig

            Excellent question.  I’ll try to look into it.  Perhaps League of Women Voters will know.

          • Socialist Sam

            I saw Gallo beat up an Akselrod volunteer in Brighton. This guy is an animal.

          • Joe

            That is Detestable!  But I also heard Steve Cymbrowitz slashed the tires on Akselrod’s car.  

  • Brooklynpatriot63

    cymbrowitz sold his soul to Moslems, supposed to be out long time ago. So many stupid people in his district, they need several more mosques on their streets

    • levp

      I thought he was in bed with Russians?  Which one is it then?

      • Russian Muslims from around the Caspian, no? We can combine two campaigns into one !!

        Oo I have to say I’m joking?

        • levp

          Oh, those are some mean people, I tell you!

          EDIT: Yes, /sarcasm tag is probably required…

    •  Supposed to be out long time ago? By whose reckoning?

  • Sheila

    OK, so after reading Sheepshead Bites yesterday, I went to my local polling location after work (around 5:15) and found it all locked up, with no indication there was any voting that happened. Can someone explain to me how to vote if the poll building is closed?!

    • Scott

      depending upon where you live , there was no primary. Many people in Cymbrowitz’s old district , after the Census and the Redrawing of the lines are now in the 41st AD..  There was no Democratic Primary in the 41st AD

  • Tinman

    Guess Axelrod won’t get a chance to represent this “negrohood.”

  • JR

    It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning’s winning 

  • Bny718

    To hell with Cymbrowitz – he is bed with the Mooslems.  I would vote for anyone running against him.  Vote GALLO!

  • Momsyl713

    mazel tov – glad you prevailed.

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