Woman Charged With Stabbing Gay Man After Attempting To Turn Him Straight


Source: Matěj Baťha via Wikimedia Commons

A woman attempted to sexually assault a gay man in Midwood last Tuesday, leading to her arrest – and a knife-wound in her victim.

Cynthia Olivei, 52, knocked on the door of the 56-year-old man’s East 14th Street home, and barged in when he opened it.

“I’m going to rock you tonight. I know you’re gay,” she declared to the horrified man.

She then grabbed his genitals. He managed to push her off of him and attempted to throw her out of his home. She pulled out a knife and stabbed him.

Law enforcement tracked her down and charged with assault, menacing, harassment, forcible touching, trespass and weapon possession, according to the New York Post.

The man required 36 stitches to close his wound.

  • ShadowLock


    • BayResident

      I came here to post exactly this. Nothing more.

      • NeckRoadWarrior

        2/3 in and I still thought this would end on a funny note. Ugh. Poor guy.

  • brooklynq

    I guess he is gay. Every time a woman knocks in my door demanding sex, I oblige. I oblige long time. 

    • Andy

       the Dude obliges

      • NeckRoadWarrior

         Abide then oblige.

    • Maybe you should know what the woman looks like first…. trying not to be sexist, but man, if it’s a Janet Reno lookalike, I’ll take my  chances with the knife attack.

      • Don’t you remember “Play Misty for Me”? You want to stay away from people like this regardless.

        • you’re absolutely right.

             Of course I remember that great movie. Jessica Walter is still around and acting. I like “Misty” better than that other one with Michael Douglas whose title escapes me at the moment.

             I have some personal experience in this  regard, but I will not tell the story because the person might still live in S. Bay, and it’s so long ago (1988) that it wouldn’t be fair to post it. Any of you guys who think you can’t be afraid of a crazed woman, guess again.

          • Jessica Walter deserved an Oscar for that film. Eastwood did too for his direction, and this was his first time in that role.

            I had a friend who got obsessed over some guy who showed her a little attention and then blew her off. She eventually tried to stab him, and failed miserably at that attempt. She attempted suicide a few days later and agreed to self-commitment for a year. After that she disappeared off the face of the earth so to speak. I  often wondered whether she ended up repeating that scenario, or engaging in a worse one.

    • winson

      I wrote a one-paragraph story called “The Stranger Behind the Door” based on this idea

  • I”m 56 years old, but glad I”m a number or two off East 14th. Oh yeah, just read that it’s Midwood, not here.

      It ain’t me babe, I say no, no, no it ain’t me babe, it ain’t me you’re looking for babe.

  • just me

    Just wondering, why is she not being charged with a hate crime?

    • The DA’s office will decide on that after their investigation.

  • this is funny and sad at the same time, what is this world coming too?