Photo: Car Collision On Marine Pkwy And Quentin Rd.


Two vehicles collided head on this morning, in an accident on Marine Parkway and Quentin Road at approximately 9:30 a.m.

Our tipster, Marc F., just missed witnessing the accident, but saw the aftermath and said at least one woman was taken from the scene with injuries.

  • Rubber Necker

    It was closer to 9AM. 

  • Arthur Borko

    Jeez, for such a quiet neighborhood that intersection gets a LOT of accidents.

  • Tc

    there was a funeral just yesterday evening for a NYPD top shot. cars were parked in 90 degree angle across from the funeral home. not sure how this could happen, but i suspect someone ran a red light as usual. 

  • ShadowLock

    Woman…………………………….Nuff said. 

    • bagels

      Ridiculous comment…..Nuff said.

      • Iannabananasi

        Actually I drove past the accident and one of the cars was driving by a teenage boy.

        • Iannabananasi

          Don’t ask how I lose my grammar at times. Geez driven^