Parks Dept Eyeing Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, Marine Park For Free WiFi


The Parks Department revealed they will be adding free wireless internet to parks in Coney Island, Manhattan Beach, and Marine Park after Bensonhurst Assemblyman William Colton expressed that the city has so far lavished Manhattan and northern Brooklyn communities with the service.

Colton said he believes it is unfair that wealthier neighborhoods in northern Brooklyn and Manhattan are dominating much of the city’s free internet service at parks and public spaces, and that his constituents deserve to be serviced as well as those residing in other areas.

The New York Post said that through a deal with AT&T, the city provides free wireless internet in 20 parks, most in neighborhoods filled with tourists.

Following the official’s protest, the Parks Department said the future sites for WiFi in Southern Brooklyn include the Coney Island beach and boardwalk, MCU Park, Manhattan Beach, Marine Park’s Nature Center, and possibly Owl’s Head Park in Bay Ridge. Colton is holding a press conference later today regarding the announcement.

Hope the Parks Department actually follows through with this promise. It’s about time that the city focuses on neglected areas such as Brooklyn and services residents just as well as those in wealthy neighborhoods.

And, we hope, you’ll all be using that WiFi to tune in to Sheepshead Bites!

  • ShadowLock

    and make sure it’s good! i won’t settle for shitty dsl speeds! 

  • Medmxmx

    doesnt wifi give you cancer?

    • ShadowLock

       No…… Actually…. This does. i got this in an email Warning…. sounds about legit since it came from top notch professors.

      In a car parked in the shade during the day with the windows closed can

      contain 400-800

      If you are parked in the sun

      temperatures above 16 degrees, the level of

      benzene up to 2000-4000 mg, 40 times higher than
      an acceptable level


      entering into a car with closed
      windows, breathe in excessive

      benzene. Benzene – a toxin that

      kidney, bone and

      the liver. Worse, the
      organism is very difficult to

      delete this
      toxic substance.

      air or air

      The instructions

      Car manufacturers said,

      before turning
      conditioner should be

      open the windows for 2 minutes, but not

      Why, just a hint is given for the best

      performance of the car.

      But medical reasons:

      According to
      Research before

      air conditioner will cool the air, he
      throws the whole heated in plastic

      sending the hot air that contains

      Benzene – a toxin that causes cancer
      (Takes a while to notice the smell

      heated in
      plastic machine).

      Therefore, it is important to verify this,
      to leave the windows open


      Please do not include air-conditioning

      machine is turned on!!

      First of all, you must open the window
      for a few minutes, then turn


      Hold the windows open a few more
      additional minutes.

      Many of the found in gasoline
      unbound hydrocarbons – (especially

      aromatics, such as
      benzene), and

      Various additives are

      This information is

      should be transferred
      people who you care about.

      • ShadowLock

         Also this was translated from Russian….. :) soooooo Just try to comprehend.

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  • bagels

    Free wifi is great as long as you’re just doing some fun browsing but think twice about doing your online baking on these public networks.

    • bagels

      I meant banking……

      • Mamakansky

        I would never do my baking in a public park. never. 

        • Subway Stinker

          Yes, I think Mayor Bloombuck’s has banned On-Line baking in public parks.

        • NeckRoadWarrior

          With the fraud protection now, even if the worst happens, it’s unlikely any losses will be permanent. Identity theft is another matter. A illicit bank transfer can be reversed, but using packet capture to get your identity and create some kind of account elsewhere is easier for any hacker.

  • Alex

    Make NYC, the first wireless city. 

    • NeckRoadWarrior

      If it can be ad-supported, you can bet it will happen.

  • JR

    how slow will it be?