Open Thread: We’re Busy Preparing For A Taste Of Sheepshead Bay 2012


Sheepshead Bites’ offices are buzzing, as we gear up for A Taste of Sheepshead Bay 2012.

More details to come, but if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave it in the comments or e-mail us.

If you own a restaurant, bar or other food-related establishment and would like to be a part of this year’s event, e-mail nberke [at]sheepsheadbites [dot]com.


  1. There is a 6-8 year waiting list for food vendor permits. Most of the poeple that do have them lease them out. Its fucked up.

  2. lol Bruce,  maybe we will meet at the TASTE OF SHEEPSHEAD BAY this year (if Hubby isn’t working) and you can tell HIM, in person, that his taste in pizza suks lol

  3. you’ve redeemed yourself (from the roccos/l&B comment) with your mention of the Sunny Dew in the wax container! Wow, we used to buy it from “Maxie” under the train just before Ocean Parkway (across from the 600 school schoolyard).  Kudos for bringing that up….

  4. Yeah, you have to buy a whole pie. But a pie of 6 slices is easily eatable by 2 people. The crust is much thinner. And if not, you can always bring me the leftover slice(s).

    I think it might be true. My taste buds have changed through the years. When dad was alive, he looked at me with total befuddlement when I told him I was a regular sushi eater… He remembered me as eating only hamburgers, hot dogs, spaghetti, and chicken.

  5. we haven’t tried grimaldi’s yet… we were kind of waiting for all the summer ‘tourists’ to be gone :)  do you have to get a WHOLE PIE or do they sell slices? 

    as for Rocco’s…  its the one in TRUMP VILLAGE that Hubby loves.. not the one in Brighton.  L&B pizza has to much sauce for our taste but they have the absolute BEST veal Cutlet hero ever made  :)

    as for walking into ANY Pizza Place when you were young…  you were probably less discerning back then (wink)

  6. ON the boardwalk is different… but on the beach?  and I hope all the NEW establishments popping up ON the boardwalk are as nice as Ruby’s was…because selling stuff on the beach has been around as long as I have – oh for the days of a sunny dew in that wax cardboard container that, when empty, also served as your shovel and pail  :)

  7. why don’t you start a ‘Friends of Plumb Beach” group…  a lot of parks now have a ‘friends’ group which can solicit money to keep the park clean and upgrade it – you should take a look at the ‘Friends of Kaiser park” website,,, that group had a major hand in getting that incredible park cleaned up and renovated and now helps to run it.  :)  I believe there is a Non Profit Organization called PARTNERSHIP FOR PARKS  which helps people like you to form ‘FRIENDS OF” groups for parks and they actually give seed money and workshops on how to get started  :)

  8. yep, exactly whachoo said. But I don’t blame the stores if these “independents” are selling right in front. Some guy was selling soda right in front of Ruby’s Bar on the boardwalk. Ruby came out (I know his name aint Ruby, but that’s what I call him), and very nicely spoke to the guy and he agreed to sell elsewhere. I thought that was really classy of Ruby, instead of coming out mad and calling cops.

  9. I don’t dispute there’s plenty of good pizza around. My point was, when I was young, you could walk into ANY pizza place and it was great. Now, not so much. 

       Oh no, I’ve been going to Roccos and L&B for 46 years, don’t tell me you and hubby like Roccos better! Phooey on youee, pox on your ancestors! Just kidding. I  love L&B much better, but it’s a different kind of slice, and there’s a number of people who don’t like it.

       I have to get back to the Kingsborough slice you mention. Only been there once, yeah, it was really good.

       Have you tried Grimaldi’s in Coney? They’re doing quite well. I like that it’s not as heavy as the traditional slice.

  10. plenty of great pizza in our neighborhoods… you just have to find the places you particularly like the pizza from.  like that place right outside the gate of kingsborough :) we LOVE to stop there and get a slice after a day on the beach… and rocco’s in the trump shopping center has some of the best squares around, better then L&B in my Hubby’s opinion :)

  11. what exactly IS the crime?  is it that they don’t get vendor licenses?  I think one of the nicest things is to be able to buy an ICE while sitting by the shore… or buy one of those beautifully carved mango flowers on sticks or a pretzel and soda or whatever someone, who is willing to walk the beach in HOT SUN carrying their wares, is selling  :)  sheeeesh… it enhances the day on the beach so what IS the crime?

  12. I just had an idea. It’s an awesome idea and it will take a lot of work.
    Some one else already suggested that a donation to the benefit of a charity be added to the event.

    While I think that’s an awesome/amazing idea and that it would be a nice gesture, ultimately there are tons of charities out there and similar events all over the country. I think any money donated should stay within the community.

    How about the money goes into a fund to start/complete/beautify Haring Park. There’s already some money, I think. But It can’t be enough. We could even start a Kickstarter Campaign. Make it a nice bookend to the bay. Maybe a campaign to raise money to fix and clean up the plumb beach toilet comfort station and enough for parks department to hire a permanent caretaker (well at least for a few years).

  13. I think we need to do this when its warm enough that we can have people inside AND outside on the deck.

    We need some one doing pizza, and we need more desert places. I need something else to do ^_^.

  14. Why wont the mexicans sell lemon anymore? They have lime and pineapple and orange but they never carry pure lemon anymore. That makes me a sad sad panda…

  15. Since it’s an open thread, I’d like to mention a terrible problem in the neighborhood. It’s a dangerous crime wave. I see it all over the beach and boardwalk. Terrible. I don’t feel like going out when I see these criminals all over the place.

       But the govt is mobilized against them. The police vehicles are engaging in “search and destroy” missions; constant man-hours are being taken  to  rid our neighborhood of this summer scourge and danger.

       But these criminals are fighting back. They’re traveling in teams, using binoculars and lookouts so they can go about their criminal rampage on the beach.

       I of course am talking about the nice Mexicans/Hispanics who sell those great ices. FOR THE LOVE OF WHATEVER, GEEZ, THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST TRYING TO WORK. This is who we go after? What the f**k is wrong with society???

       I know, I know, I’m going to get those “I’m against it” posts, complaints about licenses, this, that, and other bullcrap. Nonetheless, I declare that if you have a system where people are trying to work, and the government (cops) are making a serious attempt to stop people from working, IT AIN’T THE PEOPLE THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH, IT’S THE SYSTEM. 

       Selling ices on Bay 1, Bay 2, Bay 3. Ain’t a store within blocks. Nobody’s going to run off the beach all the way to Brighton to get ices. 

        Let the damned people work who want to work. Isn’t easy hauling those carts on the beach. They’re working. If working hard and honestly (with reasonable prices) is illegal, something needs to change.

       When they’re looking out on the boardwalk, I’m usually the first customer.

    One time I saw the cops coming (so did the cart, but too late to get away), I purposely bought ices to give her that last sale. And I gave a tip in the cop’s face.

  16. Pizza in Brooklyn isn’t what it used to be. Used to be, I’d go years without finding a lousy slice of pizza. Nowadays, there’s way too much lousy pizza around. Why aren’t the politicians shouting and screaming over this major issue? Why isn’t Bites attacking this crucial development?
        Pizza is going downhill in Brooklyn, and the politicians are silent. When I run, it will be my top issue of the day. Hey, at least I’ll get the Italian vote.   

    At least we have Delmar. And the new Grimaldi’s in Coney is great. But I hate that they don’t take credit cards.

  17. I’m looking forward to your Biting Event Deux.  
    Perhaps, you’d like to add a charity aspect to some raffle –  allow the event to raise some funds for a good (local?) charity or two.  Perhaps your readers would have items to donate for the raffle pool. 
    Last year’s event was the bomb.  I’m already hungry,  live music was a great plus, and keeping the party going afterwards, for those who chose to linger with the cash bar was excellent, too.  (Politicians waltzing in & addressing the crowd was lame and tiresome;  but you might have to do what ya gotta do there).
    (BTW, let’s NOT have a torrential rainstorm this time please.)

  18. This is “Open Thread.” You can write anything in this post. For example: “I think alenofyork is a dipshit.” You see? That’s okay because it’s an open thread. 

  19. I am currently away at school right now. The thing I miss most right now is being able to find a good slice of pizza.