1. Good eye ES, I used a fill flash for the foreground, and yes this was manipulated in PS but the colors were there, just needed to pull them out.

  2. not sure if a camera can give you such beautifully saturated clouds, along side with shadows of the rock.

    doesn’t take away from the picture being amazing.

  3. I have shot many an awesome, somewhat surrealistic photo without the aid of Photoshop. You could be correct, of course, but I think this was a combination of skill, lighting — both natural and artificial — and timing. It’s a golden hour shot, as evidenced by the setting sun and the amber colors kissing the rocks on the left.

  4. So that’s where it went, I just hope a bird, a fish or maybe a crab will find it & have a good time !

  5. I Enjoy this photo as well.

    whether its Photoshopped or not.    which it is :D 

  6. To get this exactly right, as is the result here, one has to find the point at which anything more would actually harm the visual aspect of the photo. I’ve seen a lot of photos which take an effect further than what pleases the eye.

    This is what all would like to achieve, and sometimes we do.

  7. What I like about it is it the balance of light in the foreground and the sky, and that it’s not over-processed, which is easy to do with a photo such as this, with all these wonderful colors. I’m just in love with this photo…