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  • nolastname

    Clearly beautiful.

  • Kool4Coney

    I LOVE IT !!!!

  • bagels

    Very nice!

  • ES

    I really enjoyed this one too.

  • Steve W.

    Really nice photo!!!

  • burntoutteacher


  • Tinman

    Wow! Really nice. Almost looks photoshoped.

  • ShadowLock

    ohhh you guys. <3 :)

    it's not photoshopped, but it does have a Filter on, this was taken with my Iphone :)

    • Does that emoticon indicate a Roman war helmet?

      • ShadowLock


        didn’t even see that! haha good eyes!

        but nahh it’s a heart <3

  • MrArtTuro

    Having grown up in Luna Park Housing Co-ops, on the 20th floor, no less, that was my very every day.  Loved it!