Morning Mug: Muscle Car


Ah, the ol’ NYPD threewheeler in front of Bally’s — which clearly should have been ticketed for parking so far away from the curb. Am I wrong?

Photo by Boris Shekhman


  1. NeckRoadWarrior on

    If they weren’t around, and this is a regular tactic, someone would have stolen one by now. It’s easy to fit one of these in a box truck and sell as scrap. There’s gotta be a cop nearby or inside the building it’s parked in front of.

  2. That’s interesting about the scooter. There was one parked in front of the synagogue in Marine Park which I though was kind of strange since it was there for a few days. It’s a good idea but are thieves and other criminals really duped into believing there is a cop in the area?

  3. Late at night uonder the cover of dark wrapped in the ny times of  course !!!!!

  4. The police purposely leave the scooter there to discourage locker break-ins which are a daily occurrence at Bally’s. I heard one day there were 20 break-ins. The cops can’t seem to do anything about it and Bally’s couldn’t give a damn. Once I heard they stole someone’s clothes. Don’t know how he got home.

  5. NeckRoadWarrior on

    Well, it’s hard to see an orange ticket when the photographer shoots in B&W. I thought it was a Chinese menu. ;-)

  6. Boris Shekman on

    He does have a ticket. The reason I photographed this NYPD trike is because there is a parking ticket under the wiper. That’s something you don’t see often – a cop car with a parking ticket.

  7. NeckRoadWarrior on

    I always wanted a Cushman Truckster when I was a kid. I thought they were cool, and even today it seems a useful vehicle for carrying groceries. Of course, having three wheels classifies this as a type of motorcycle, and that means it should be parked perpendicularly to the curb.

    Not that anyone would ticket an NYPD-branded one, of course.